Know What To Do For Your Gut Health & Immune System

Everyone is aware of the fact that to stay healthy, they need to eat healthy foods. But have you ever thought that how gut    health is related to your overall health?

If you are thinking about it now, then we can help you have a better understanding of your immune system and gut. Once you know how they are related, you will be able to adopt some habits that are actually benefits for gut health and the immune system. So, we will start from the beginning.

What is the Immune System and how the Immune System Functions?

The Immune System is your body’s protection system against all kinds of invaders such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and toxins. It acts like a guardian system

for your body and helps you stay away from the harmful organisms present in the environment. Also, it is essential for survival.

The immune system is made up of different cells, proteins, and organs that work together in harmony to create the ideal protection system inside your body. As long as the system of defense is in top condition, you can fight against all pathogens. If the system is compromised, you risk yourself exposing to all organisms that can bring you harm. And the gut is the place where all the bacteria and immune system meets. So, you can have an idea of how important your gut health and the immune system are. Let’s dig in a little deeper on the components of the Immune System.

Components of the Immune System:

There are two main parts of the Immune System. The first one is the Innate Immune System and the second one is the Adaptive Immune System. Both of these systems work together to make the body stronger.

Innate Immune System:
This is the component that you are born with. A person has this before they are exposed to the things that are outside. This way, from the moment a child is born, they will be protected against   invaders.              As the innate system is inherited from the mother, it is active throughout your life. The cells of this immune system recognize the invaders and they take immediate action against it. The invaders are killed inside the immune system cells called Phagocytes.

Adaptive Immune System:

This system is developed by the body as a child starts growing up. It is called the adaptive immune system because the system becomes active when their body is exposed to microbes or chemicals that are released by microbes. They adapt to your body’s needs. With the help of the innate system, antibodies are produced called B Lymphocytes when you are exposed to invaders.

During the first invasion, the antibodies take time to develop. But after that, they stay intact in the body and identify the invaders instantly, further defending you from them. The system is acquired according to the exposure and hence changes throughout life. So, as you grow up and see how the gut health and the immune system work in sync to keep you healthy, you will focus more on good things.

The organs involved in the proper functioning of the immune system are:
Adenoids glands located at the back of the nasal passage
Bone Marrow found in bone cavities

Lymph Nodes located throughout the body
Lymphatic Vessels that carry the lymphocytes to the lymphoid organs and bloodstream
Peyer’s patches which are lymphoid tissue in the small intestine
Spleen which is a fist-sized organ located in the abdominal cavity

Tonsils are two oval masses in the back of the throat.
As you can see from the above-listed organs involved in the working of the immune system, gut health, and the immune system link is getting pretty clear. But we still need to know how they affect each other.

Role of Human Gut In Our Health:

Until this point, you must have gotten the idea that some organ of the body is called gut, but do you know which one?
It is the intestine that is also called the Gut. But mainly it is the human gastrointestinal microbiota which is called gut flora that has an impact on our health.

We all know that there are lots of bacteria that are living on us. And the largest number of bacteria is inside our gut. Generally, the gut bacteria sticks with the intestinal lining and help with digestion.

  The interaction of the human immune system and the gut happens more often than you can think.

If you want to improve your gut health and the immune system, then it is vital that you understand that the gut acts as a barrier between your body and the outside world. Everything we touch and the things we eat and not perfectly sterile and still you don’t get sick all the time. It is because the gut is the master player in the immune system and it acts as the first line of defense.

The gut strengthens the physical defenses of the gut wall thereby protecting the body from harmful pathogens and chemicals.The gut competes with the pathogens for space and food destroying them in the process.
It regulates the inflammatory immune response and reaction.

The gut produces the various antimicrobial substances that fight the negative bacteria.

As a result, the intestinal microbiota help in the development of a proper immune system and in turn also regulates the homeostasis of the microbiota. So, it is clear now that improving your gut health will improve your immune system.
How you can boost your gut health and the immune system?

So, how can you work your way up to improve gut health and the immune system? The answer is not that hard actually. There are many studies and researches that are done to improve gut-related immunity. If your gut is not healthy, then you will suffer from various illnesses like upset stomach, unintentional weight changes, sleep disturbances, constant fatigue, skin irritation, autoimmune diseases, food intolerances, etc.

The most effective results were given by the following:

1: Probiotics & Probiotic Foods:
Probiotic is known to regulate the gut immune response. The research is still going on but there is decent evidence that they work. So, consider adding a prebiotic or Probiotic supplement in your diet. They promote the growth of the good bacteria, so your overall immune system will also improve.

3: Change Your Diet:
You might not even have any idea that how much affect processed, high-sugar, and high-fat foods have on your body. If you reduce them, then you can contribute to better gut health and immune system.
Your diet can greatly affect gut health and the immune system within a matter of days. You will have to adjust the fiber intake to a level that works out ideally. Start eating plenty of gut-healing bone broth. Make sure that you avoid the excess of Omega-6 and get plenty of Omega-3S.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as it will have a beneficial effect on the mucosal lining of the intestines. Also, consider eating your meals slowly so that full digestion is promoted and your body can also absorb the nutrients in the food.
Some Recommendations For Your Diet:
High Fiber Foods like legumes, peas, beans, oats, bananas, berries, leeks, and asparagus.
Garlic & Onion
Fermented Foods such as miso, yogurt, tempeh, kimchi, and sauerkraut.


Collagen Boosting Foods like bone broth and salmon will also positively affect your gut health. Other meats, mushrooms, and good dairy products will also be beneficial.

Final Words:
There are lots of studies done that recognize the change in the composition of the gut during different stages of a disease. How the body interacts with the gut and how they function is a very interesting topic. A huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, keeping the gut health and the immune system your priority, you are doing yourself a favor.

The human gut is much more complex than you can fathom and have a huge impact on the whole body’s health. Once your gut is healthy, you will have a strong immune system, better heart health, a properly functioning brain, and your mood will also improve. You will start feeling energetic and there will be fewer chances of autoimmune diseases. There is a number of changes that you can make in your life that will make you healthy. And the choices are entirely yours. Just one step towards good gut health and immune system, and you will make your life better in every way.

9 Things You Need To Know About Testosterone And Aging

Do you know that testosterone hormones can greatly affect men’s health? In this post, we will learn in brief about some tests that you should perform as you age and to work to increase testosterone naturally in men.

Dear adult men in their late 20s, you must be thinking that you are too young to be worried about aging. And this is a hard fact that men are less likely to pay a visit to a doctor if they fall ill. But aging is something that no one can prevent. While women are always stressing about their increasing body fat, muscle mass, heart health, and everything else; men usually do not care at all.

But sooner or later, age is going to catch up with you and you will get your first health scare. At last, most of the things get back to your testosterone levels ,men. If the level is not maintained, then you will be vulnerable to various ailments, body composition, sexual function, and other things as well. Interestingly enough, this hormone also plays a valuable role in female health and sexual well being.

But here, we are going to focus on men. As we mentioned, it is important that you have a significant level of the male hormone. So, we will learn the things you can do to make aging smoother, some tests they need to take to ensure that they are in good shape even in the old age, and how to increase testosterone naturally in men.

Why Testosterone Level Matters In Men?

Once a man crosses the age of 25 to 30, the testosterone level starts declining gradually. Many types of research done by the scientists clearly show a link that low testosterone level is connected with obesity, increased heart risk, and premature death.

The involvement of this hormone includes:

Development of bones and muscles
Deepening of voice, hair growth, and other aspects related to the appearance and the production of sperm.

These problems are directly linked with the reduction in bone mass, difficulty in sleeping, reduced muscle mass, decrease in energy levels, increase in body fat,

mood swings, etc. Therefore, it is vital that you know how to decrease or increase testosterone naturally in men. Along with this, you must also go through regular body checkups to ensure that you are fit and healthy.

Tests You Need To Take Whenever Possible:

You will be amazed to know how much affect a single hormone can have on the body. It is not just testosterone but other hormones as well that will start increasing and reducing abruptly. So, if you are leading a healthy life, then a simple visit to a doctor should not scare you off. You need to take the essential preventive health checkups to ensure that your system is working fine. Most of the people skip these tests and had to deal with massive ailments. If you are obedient toward such things, then you might be able to win over some disease that could be fatal.

Here, we have a list of tests that you need to on different bases. So, make time for them now and earn some more healthy time for your life.

1. Blood Sugar Check:This test needs to be performed on a yearly basis. It will determine the glucose levels which are imperative for men. Annual glucose testing will be the best method to diagnose diabetes before it gets advanced. If not examined on time, it will result in cardiac disease, kidney damage, erectile dysfunction, and greatly increase your risk of heart disease.

2. Liver Enzyme Test:This test is performed with every chance you get especially the men who are heavy drinkers.   This test will look for signs of damage to your liver due to alcohol. These enzymes are directly linked to issues like inflammation, obesity, toxicity, etc.

3. PSA Test:As you age, your body becomes vulnerable to various ailments like Alzheimer’s, inflammation, osteoporosis, etc. But the risks of cancer outrank them all. There are lots of men who develop prostate cancer as they grow older and it is due to the increase in testosterone naturally in men. It is one of the most common types of cancer in men. The test is called Prostate Specific Antigen and it is performed along with a digital rectal exam.
You should get checked on an annual basis starting after the age of 40.

4. Colonoscopy:If your diet is not good and you have a lot of body fat, then having a colonoscopy is the easiest way to ensure that you don’t have colon cancer. The inflammation in bowel movements is the most common risk factor that is included in this type of cancer. If you get checked every three years, you will be able to identify cancer in an early stage.

5. Blood Pressure & Cholesterol:If you ignore the body fat, then really soon, you will have to suffer from blood pressure and cholesterol issues. Both these problems further affect the heart and create big problems. These factors are directly linked to serious cardiovascular diseases. So, go through a regular blood test and ensure that your blood’s cholesterol and pressure is ideal.
Every man over 20 should get checked for these ailments after every 3 to 5 years.                           

Also, you will take to make major changes in your lifestyle to increase heart health. Another test for cardiac risks is echocardiogram which is mainly used to measure the cholesterol level and blood pressure with the increase in muscle mass. If you have a family history of cardiac diseases, and you have elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure, then this test will tell you if there is some significant heart damage or not.

6. Skin Check: From the moles to birthmarks present on your body, even a small change can increase the risk of skin cancer in men. That’s why; visiting a dermatologist becomes necessary for everyone. Some to increase testosterone naturally in men, they try out many things. But the hormone is directly linked to skin issues. So, pay a visit to the doctor annually and you will know if there is any risk of cancer for you.


7. TSH Test:Many people think that men don’t suffer from thyroid problems. But this is false. The changes in hormones in men have a big impact on their life. Unbalanced thyroid can cause inflammation, exhaustion, excess body fat, lethargy, fatigue, etc. This is the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test which ensures that your hormone levels are fine.

8. Osteoporosis Screening:

      This test is done to check the bone density. As you grow old, the bone density decreases and your chance of breaking a bone increases. So, you need to go through this test every 5 years to stay aware if you have a lower density, fractures, or risk of cancer.

9. Imaging Tests:Brain injury is something that can leave you dependent on others if you ignore it. People suffering from depression or have several incidents that affected their minds are most likely to get brain damage at an older age.


This will cause diseases like Alzheimer’s and cognition malfunction as you get old. To catch the early symptoms, you have to perform imaging tests.
As there are many tests available to identify brain damage, you can use any of them. Consider bone scan, CT Scan, EEG, EMG/NCV, MRI Scan, etc.

All these tests will give you information if there is some serious damage to the brain or not.

Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Testosterone Level Naturally:

Researchers have evidence that if your testosterone levels are maintained properly, you will be able to lead a healthy life as you get old. So, you need to follow some regular ideas to increase testosterone naturally in men.

Exercise & Lift Weights to make your lifestyle-related problems go away.

This will boost the hormone for both short term and long term and eliminate most of your ailments.

Eat Protein, Fat, & Carbs. Pay close attention to your long-term calorie intake and eat healthy as much as you can.

Minimize the stress and make sure that you are not suffering from depression. Stress increases body fat and reduces the levels of testosterone significantly.

Get some vitamin D supplements or try spending some time under the sun but never overdo it.

Add both vitamin and mineral supplements in your diet as they are very beneficial for you. Zinc is one of the strongest minerals to increase testosterone naturally in men. So, add the minerals in your diet accordingly.
Get plenty of rest and good quality sleep to optimize your health for the long term.

Consider using some natural testosterone boosters like Ashwagandha, Mucuna pruriens, etc.

Make positive changes in your lifestyle if you want to increase the testosterone naturally.

Some Final Words:

The reduction in testosterone hormone can be very alarming in men. Generally, men have to face a reduction in the hormone level as they grow older. But in some exceptional cases, the levels rise and create further problems. So, it is vital to know how to increase testosterone naturally in men and lower it if necessary. Don’t forget to go through regular checkups to ensure that you are not at risk.

So in sum this info given above can be a good minimun healthy screen regime to follow in order to preveny any health problem or better yet maintain one’s health.

So to one and all have a good week and check out my new Facebook business page. It’s called “Live Long and Prosper” go there and check it out!!

So have a great week and stay tuned for my latest installment in this Blog.


Take care,


Stem Cell Therapy for Aging, Could This be the Magic Bullet?

I have been observing the advent of this thing called Stem Cell Therapy for health maintenance and disease reversal for awhile now.

My original purpose of this blog was to offer health care and age reversing technologies to people. I believe this article that outlines this new technology may be the most important article that I could possibly share. I hope you get somethig out of it and use this data to help you and your lived ones to lead a better and healther life.

This is a relativity short article I want to share the overall so you are aware that this technolgy exists and can do you own research. There will be links spread through this article to give you references that you can independently do the research youself.

Claims that their products can make that despite the fact that the skincare industry our skin healthy and prevent signs of aging, nothing can stop it in reality. Aging is a very natural yet complex process. Our everyday lifestyle, genetics, environmental factors, and normal wear and tear take its toll in the form of aging.

And as people grow old, they suffer from diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injury, COPD, etc. Luckily, scientists have developed a new fix in the form of Stem Cell for Aging. So, here, we are going to learn how this new technology will make our lives better.

Over the years, the cells in the human body progressively get damaged and they eventually die. And the problem is, the rate of replacement of the cells that we have lost is very slow. As there is no compensation for the dead cells, the signs of aging start to appear. Due to the loss, common health issues like impaired vision, impaired hearing, loss of muscle strength & bone, decreased immunity, inefficient metabolism, etc. will start to surface.

As you can get a brief idea that aging cells contribute to various diseases in our body, the aging needs to be prevented or slowed down. Luckily, stem cell research has made it possible to form regenerative medicine therapies. Gradually, the technology is reaching the whole world and it gives every one of us a hope that we have found a good solution for many problems of life.

What are Stem Cells?


Before we get to the main part learning about the technology of Stem Cell for Aging, we need to understand what are stem cells and how they can keep us healthy for as long as possible.
Stem cells are the building blocks of our body. They are the essence of body regeneration as these cells have the ability to change, evolve, duplicate, and adapt to other cells that are found in the body.

With the potential to develop into many cells in the body, Stem cells are a very useful tool. These cells stay dormant in the bone marrow and fat stores. As any cell of the body gets damaged, the proteins in our immune system send signals to the cells to activate them. Then the cells start working and take different forms to heal the damaged cells.

It is the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (mesenchymal stem cells are cells that can differentiate into a variety of cell types, including bone cells,cartilage cells, muscle cells and fat cells which give rise to marrow tissue) that are used for treatments of aging and other age-related problems like arthritis.

At present, MSCs are used widely in the treatment of pathological conditions and disorders including heart diseases to cancer. As they are the core factor in the skin, muscle, cartilage, and bone regeneration, the technology of Stem Cell for Aging seems pretty impressive. Let’s explore the various facets of this technology and see if stem cells are the magic bullets that would pierce every disease and break it down for humans.

Some Facts You Should Know:

As many clinics all around the globe are offering Stem Cell treatments, there are some things that you should know. The technology is not entirely new as it has been in existence for more than a decade now. But the new developments and research have shown that this might be the answer to our future problems. Let’s take a look at other interesting and common unknown facts about Stem cells.

1: Each Stem Cells Have A Different Purpose:

Yes, people, there are four different types of stem cells and every one of them plays a different role in our body. There are embryonic stem cells that only exist in the early stages of development. Then there are adult stem cells that are formed during fetal development and they remain in our body throughout life.

The thing is our body uses a different type of tissue-specific stem cell for every particular purpose.

For example, the blood-forming stem cells in the bone marrow regenerate blood and the neural stem cells generate brain cells only. And these specific cells can’t perform the task of the other. So, when you hear that some clinic is offering to use stem cell  then make sure that you get to know the technology first.

2: Single Stem Cell Does Not Work On Multitude of Different Unrelated Conditions:

As we mentioned above, each stem cell has a particular function in the body and they can’t work in any way you want. That’s why; it is highly unlikely that a single type of stem cell treatment will be able to treat multiple conditions such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. You can expect the Stem Cell for Aging to work on other conditions. As the underlying causes of the conditions are different, therefore different types of stem cells will be needed.

Therefore, it is critical that the cell type that is being used is appropriate for the specific condition. The Embryonic stem cells certainly have the potential to be used as a treatment for a range of diseases.

3: There Are Very Few Widely Accepted Stem Cell Therapies:

There are various clinical trials held all over the globe to see if the treatments work. While there are still debates going on in the world, some therapies are readily available for everyone. The widely accepted treatment with stem cells is the blood stem cell transplantation which is used to deal with blood and immune system problems. Some bone, skin, and corneal diseases can also be treated with their help. At present, Stem Cell for Aging is the most common treatment which is considered safe and effective by the medical community.

4: Stem Cells Needs To Be Instructed To Behave Specifically:

When we are using the bone marrow cells for transplant, they do exactly what they are supposed to do. But for other conditions, we have to make sure that the cells behave in a particular way. And unfortunately, it is the biggest challenge for medical scientists. You can use stem cells  without any difficulty, but imagine that you want to treat neurological conditions. Then the cells you need to the implant have to grow into specific types of neuron. To work, the cells have to know which other neurons have to be connected and how to establish the connections.

As the scientists are still working on a way to figure out how to control the cells to do what we want, the treatment is far behind the schedule.

5: Stem Cells Are Not Always Safe:

This is a very hard and bitter truth, but if you think that the stem cells that doctors acquire from your body will be safe for you, then you are mistaken. Every medical procedure has risks involved. Once the cells leave your body, they are subjected to various manipulations that might change the characteristics of the cells.

So, ultimately, your body’s immune system might confuse your own cells will foreign cells and attack them. And if somehow, they get contaminated with other bacteria, virus, or pathogens then you will have a bigger risk.

So, when you are opting out treatment with stem cells for aging or for any other diseases, make sure that you are safe. Never trust the claims of a clinic about any treatment unless they have physical proof that the treatment works.

Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment for Aging:

The main field where stem cells have proven its value is the Anti-aging treatments. It is a modern approach and so effective that it can even reverse the process in humans. With the treatment of Stem Cell for Aging, you will have the following benefits: Youthful appearance with reduced signs of aging
Reduced tiredness and fatigue
Relief from aches, stiffness of joints, and other forms of muscle pain.

                Elders exercise in the pool
Greater muscle strength with improved energy, stamina, and vitality.And these are just a few of the benefits.

The scientists see a whole new medical future for stem cells. And we can only hope that they succeed as the stem cells might be able to help every human being to live a much healthier and good life.

Why Choose Stem Cell Treatment Instead of Traditional Treatments?

Do you have any idea how much a knee replacement surgery costs? Well, to be exact, the amount is around $49,500 in the United States where the doctors use state of the art technology.

But if you use Stem Cell Therapy, the cost gets reduced to only $3000 to $5000 per knee.

There is no doubt that this major difference in the treatment would help a lot of people who are suffering from problems like arthritis, joint and muscle pain, etc.

And even the recovery time after the stem cell treatment is good. If you had treatment of Stem Cell for Aging, then you will be able to leave the hospital in a couple of days. And it will take only a few weeks for your skin to reflect the recovery signs. But the exact recovery time is hard to calculate as every disease has a different effect on every single human being. At last, we know for sure that stem cells can prevent the age-related degeneration in a safe and effective manner.

 If I could get a little personal here, this whole topic of stem cell therapy has me very excited. I have advanced osteoarthritis in both knee especially my left knee.

While  I never had any frank injuries in my life but between thirty-one years of rather rigorous chiropractic practice and about ten years of karate in my younger days,              

all of which added a lot of stress to my knee joints, has left me with some pain and stiffness in both of my kness. If I sit for a while and then get up my left knee especially is quite painful and stiff. After a few steps the stiffness and pain reduce but I don’t see this getting better over time.

Now that I have more time on my hands one my fondest goals is to get get back to my beloved martial atrts, but in my present state that maybe difficult.

I had bilateral knee x rays taken a few years ago and my suspicions were borne out. In both knees the joint cartilages looked to be at least 80% gone. And in thinking about the handling of this situation I thought that total knee replacement surgery would be the answer.

I would ask my patients, who had this type of surgery done and their experienes and it was mixed. So I was stuck in a maybe, maybe yes, maybe no.

After watching some of these videos I shared I will explore  this avenue for my health’s sake.

Below  have a list of links to a series of youtube videos on a Stem Cell  Clinic in Columbia SA with testimonials. It appears to be on the cutting  edge of stem cell treatment.Bye the way, I have no vested interested in this Clinic but it looks to be very credible.

Below are a simple of youtube videos. If you are interested just type in “stem cell” in the  Youtube’s search bar you will get more returns than you know what to do with.

Pay  attention to the the difference between number of stems cells that are used here and the freshness here versus in the states, That seems to key factor in their results.

BioXcellerator has opened the first of its kind, state-of-the-art facility

Medellin tours

Rejuvenation Stem Cell Treatment – Chael Sonnen full interview

Julia Hendrickson Rejuvenation Stem Cell Treatment

Below are some TED Talks on this very important subject:

Changing the future with stem cells | Crystal Ruff | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

The golden era of stem cell discoveries: Una Riekstina at TEDxRiga 2013

Stem cells and the transformative power of hope: Bernard Siegel at TEDxDelrayBeach

Stem cell therapy — beyond the headlines: Timothy Henry at TEDxGrandForks

Additionally I ask those of you to leave comments on the very exciting health resource. Especially if you have personal experience.

Until next time, take care.


CBD Oil and Pain -The New Natural Health Product

                            As medical marijuana popularity is increasing day by day and among the various health care products, people are seeking CBD oil. In fact, people apply or take CBD (Cannabidiol) to treat numerous symptoms. But, there are still so many people who don’t know much about it, and how it works on the human body.

If you’re curious to know why more and more people are considering CBD oil as a natural alternative for various health problems, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will get to know what CBD is, its health benefits, and much more.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil contains two main elements – the compound Cannabidiol mixed in oil made from coconut or hemp seeds. In short, you can say that CBD oils are those oils that contain CBD concentration. But, keep in mind that the concentrations of these oils may vary.

Is CBD different from Marijuana?

                                                                 CBD comes from the plant called cannabis and it is the plant used to produce marijuana and hemp. It is extorted from the resin of cannabis flowers and buds and generally mixed with another oil. The primary difference between marijuana and CBD is that it doesn’t contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is a psychoactive compound that usually comes to mind whenever someone thinks about marijuana.Thus, it all means that CBD doesn’t make you high when it is taken or applied.

Most CBD oils are produced from the hemp, which generally has a higher CBD concentration as compared to marijuana. But, keep in mind that CBD oil makers use different techniques to extract the compound. Further, the extract is mixed to a carrier oil and known as CBD oil.

As I said earlier, CBD oil comes in so many different concentrations and people use it in numerous ways. The best thing you can do is to consult your doctor before you use it in case if you have any doubts about the product.

How CBD Oil Works?

CBD works by acting on the endocannabinoid system of the body. The main job of this system is maintaining homeostasis and helping the body to adapt to the external stressors.
When it comes to cannabinoids, there are two main types – endo (naturally produced within the body) and another one is Phyto (come from a plant). And CBD is the type of phytocannabinoid.

Further, phytocannabinoids imitate endocannabinoids and thus, they can serve as a supplement and making you feel better. The cannabinoids receptors are found in the reproductive, digestive, immune and nervous system.

As cannabinoids communicate with every system in the human body and thus, they are generally considered as a cure-all.
Even though they aren’t able to cure everything, they do regulate inflammation, metabolism, neurotransmitter function and mitochondrial function.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Well, the current legality when it comes to CBD is quite hazy. However, hemp or hemp-derived products are fully legal in agreement with Farm Bill, as long as CBD oil contains less than 0.3%. If you are wondering whether CBD oil is legal product internationally, then it is indeed legal in almost 50 countries, which include Austria, Russia, India, Portugal and much more.

But, it is crucial to understand that seeking laws of every country is an essential thing to do as every country comes up with different regulations related to the CBD source.

Who Should Take CBD Oil?

According to the recent report for WHO (World Health Organization), CBD oil is safe for everyone.

But, if you’re pregnant or on medication, then it is good to consult with a doctor before you take or apply any CBD product.
You will be pleased to know that several studies have shown numerous CBD oil health benefits.

CBD Oil Health Benefits

CBD is known to cure-all or anything. But, could CBD oil cure, improve or treat the symptoms of your particular condition? Well, the following are popular health benefits of CBD oil that you should know before you use it:

1. Anti-Aging and Other Skin Problems

According to various studies, it is found that CBD oil has antioxidant properties and that’s why it can help in lessening the visible aging skin signs. With CBD oil, you can get rid of issues like skin dullness, ruddy skin tone, and wrinkles.

The way CBD communicated with the endocannabinoid system of the body helps the skin look more “youthful and radiant” and ultimately, slow down the aging signs.

Moreover, its anti-inflammatory interactions and actions with the body can aid reduce the effects of various skin problems like acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Many studies found that CBD may help in reducing the production of the sebum that causes acne and thus, minimizing its visible effects to a great extent.
As traditional treatments for various skin problems come with numerous side effects, which range from irritation to dry skin, finding a much more natural cure is a top priority for people suffering from skin problems.

2. Pain Relief
Chronic pain comes in so many forms and more importantly, affect people differently. According to a recent study, it is found that approximately 11% or even more of the population experiences chronic pain that further affects their daily lives.
In most cases, chronic pain is accompanied by inflammation.

When this element is present, pain becomes worse. But, the good news is that CBD can reduce symptoms and give relief to people suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.
In fact, a recent study found a link between inflammation/pain reduction and CBD. The way how CBD communicates with the body may be quite effective.

3. Insomnia Aid
Well, there is no doubt that sleep disorders come in so many sizes and shapes. One thing is for sure that a lack of quality sleep can have remarkable effects on your overall health. The good news is that CBD has the potential to provide relief from various sleep disorders, which include obstructive sleep apnea, excessive daytime sleepiness, and much more.

Finally, the big one is insomnia. Yes, you heard right – CBD oil can provide help people with insomnia. In fact, many insomnia suffers are started relying on CBD products due to its low side effects and natural qualities.

4. Depression Aid
Depression is another common mental health disorder, especially among adults. One recent study demonstrated that approximately 44,000 lives of American are lost due to suicide and depression was noted as a major link.

At present, researchers are seeking a better way to treat depression over traditional treatments. Recently, one study found that CBD can reduce activity connected to neuroendocrine stress while improving noradrenergic and serotonin transmission by improving the endocannabinoid system signaling.

Other studies show that CBD may offer more fast results as compared to traditional treatments. As CBD can help to reduce the depression side effects, and thus, enabling patients to function at their usual performance level.

5. Anxiety Aid
Anxiety is also one of the most common mental illnesses, especially in the U.S and affecting adults. This illness significantly affects the daily activities and eventually, making simple tasks quite complex to do. More importantly, many traditional treatments have side effects and that’s people suffering from anxiety looks for natural remedies.

According to a recent study, it is found that CBD may be a natural treatment to reduce the side effects that traditional treatments bring. CBD communicates with the endocannabinoid system and is believed to impact the CB1 receptors of the brain – the same receptors’ that some anxiety medicates communicates with – reducing the anxiety effects.

6. Multiple Sclerosis Aid
Currently, it is demonstrated that 2.3 million individuals from all over the globe are living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). While the lifespan of people suffering from MS is usually considered average, the symptoms range widely from needles, tingling, and pins in numerous body parts to the inability to walk. Multiple Sclerosis affects the central nervous system.
Several studies have demonstrated that CBD may be helpful to:
Reduce the pain felt by multiple sclerosis sufferers.
Reduce muscle stiffness due to MS.
Reduce bladder and bowel dysfunction linked with MS

7. Boost Cardiovascular Health
Well, cardiovascular dysfunction or heart disease is the leading reason behind death among women and men, especially in the U.S.                    You will be glad to know that CBD has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that may be helpful to prevent cardiovascular disease and its events. Several studies show that CBD compound may work on arteries to boost relaxation and reduce cardiovascular responses (negative).

In fact, CBD oil is helpful to combat and treat conditions, which leads to cardiovascular disease – diabetes, smoking, stress, anxiety and much more.

 My Final Thoughts on CBD Oil

As you can now see that a lot of studies have been conducted on CBD oil for its potential role to treat several health issues. Its health benefits aren’t limited to acne, depression, heart disease, and anxiety. In fact, people suffering from cancer can use CBD oil as a natural remedy for symptom and pain relief.

More importantly, research on the possible CBD oil health benefits is ongoing. Thus, many more uses of this natural health product are sure to be explored.

Over the oncoming months and years, I will be keeping abreast of the latest findings in CBD  and I will share those findings with you.

Take Care,

Dr. Charles

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!

“One Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctors Away”

Since we were kids, we’ve all been hearing that eating fruits and vegetables are essential for us. Including the common food items in your daily diet won’t do any harm but it will surely have a positive impact on your health. They don’t just taste good, but they contain nutrients that are missing in other food items. You can get enough vitamins and minerals by eating fruits and vegetables regularly.


Your balanced diet can only get balanced when there are enough fruits and vegetables in it. As long as you want to stay healthy, it is important that add them to your diet. A healthy and fresh diet is significant if you want to lose weight and live a long and happy life.

What are the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables?
Every person wants to stay healthy and fit no matter what. But people are getting lazy and often eat junk food which is not good for health. All doctors clearly state that fruits and veggies are necessary to maintain a healthy body. They are universal life preserver food items. It is usually said that the more the better. Any addition of fruits or vegetables in your diet would be an improvement in your diet.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for starters.

1: Anti-Aging Qualities:There is no doubt that your skin reflects the inner you. As long as you are healthy inside, your skin will stay beautiful and vibrant. That’s why, the skincare products often consist of fruits and vegetables like peach, apple, cucumber, tomato, etc. are used as an ingredient in the products. As our diet is packed with vitamins and minerals, our body will show the appreciation of the largest organ, i.e. skin.

From Raisin To Grape

As you can see, fruits and vegetables are not only delicious but have a far greater significance. You can only put so much lotion and cream on your skin. But when you are healthy from inside, there will be no need to stress out about outer beauty.

2: Cardiovascular Health:
A diet plan rich in fruits and veggies significantly lowers the risk of heart issues. The potassium found in bananas helps to maintain blood pressure. The dietary fiber found in vegetable assists in lowering the cholesterol level in your blood ultimately reducing the risk of heart failure.

The amount of consumption of fruits and veggies makes a big difference in the rate of developing any cardiovascular disease. In several studies, it is proven that people who ate less than 1.5 servings of fruits and vegetables were more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Even the percentage difference was alarming. The people who ate an average of eight or more serving have 30% lower chances of suffering from these diseases.       

Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and vegetables like broccoli, mustard greens, cabbage, etc. are most likely to keep your cardiovascular health intact.

3: Lower Risk of Cancer:
Nowadays, 2 out of 5 people are suffering from some kind of cancer. And the number is increasing day by day due to unhealthy habits. But we can stop this. Studies have shown that fruits and veggies help to reduce the risk of several cancers. Veggies like bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, and almost every fruit can provide you the extra layer of protection against cancer. Research is often conducted by Health Professionals to make sure that the benefits of having a good diet are proved so that people can adopt it. Even the lycopene, a very  potent form of antioxidant, found in tomatoes protects a person from developing prostate cancer.

4: Improved Vision:
Walking out in a park or road, you will see a lot of people wearing glasses because they have vision problems. The main reason for the loss of vision is the lack of a healthy diet. You must have heard that green leafy vegetables are super beneficial for eyes. Well, it is true.

If you want to prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, or other vision-related problems, you should start including fruits and veggies in your diet right away. A study by Archives of Ophthalmology found out that lutein and zeaxanthin present in the food items are responsible for the positive effects on eye health. And it turns out that green veggies and fruits are full of it.

5: Reduce the Risk of Diabetes:
Diabetes has become a very common problem in today’s generation. People eat and don’t exercise which leads to obesity and almost 90% of obese people have diabetes too. If you love green leafy vegetables, then you might be able to avoid the risk of having diabetes. Otherwise, you will fall short in the protection against it. it found that more than 29 million people in America have diabetes.

So, if you want to prevent yourself from the suffering, consider adding green vegetables and berries in your diet as it reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

6: Better Digestive Health:
The fiber content in all fruits and vegetables helps to keep the digestive system up and running properly. A fiber-rich diet with plenty of water is essential to maintain the digestive system intact and avoid constipation.
Your health is in your hands; so, make sure that you living a healthy lifestyle.

Popular Fruits and Veggies You Should Eat To Stay Healthy: We have created a close to perfect list of fruits and vegetables that you should be having in your daily schedule. Take a look and you can always add your own touch of health in the meals.
Fruits are sweet, fleshy, and edible part of the plants. They are usually eaten raw which makes them perfect for fast meals. With the amazing taste and colors, they obviously are a vital part of a healthy diet.
Citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange, lime, mandarins
Stone Fruits like apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines
Tropical and Exotic fruits like mangoes and bananas
Berries include raspberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, passion fruit, blueberries, etc.
Melons like watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew melon
Tomatoes and avocados

We all know that vegetables come in so many varieties that it is hard to remember all their names. So, let’s take a look at the common ones:
Leafy vegetables like lettuce, silverbeet, spinach
Cruciferous like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage

Marrows like zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber. By the way when I across that word, “marrows’. It was like, what the hell is that? So “marrows” is a British word meaning a white-fleshed green-skinned gourd, which is eaten as a vegetable
Root like potato, sweet potato, yam, etc.
Edible plant stem-like celery and asparagus
Alliums like onion, garlic, shallot, etc.
Fresh beans and peas

Recommended Quantity for Fruits and Vegetable Servings:
Over the decades, nutritionists and scientists have recommended that eating five, seven, or 10 servings of fruits and vegetables will be ideal for optimal health. But several studies oppose this guideline as they say that it is the quality that matters not the quantity.

A seven-year-long study has proven that people who ate 4 servings a day have a 22% lower mortality rate as compared to the ones who ate one serving a day. When the quantity is further increased, the mortality rate stayed the same. Therefore, it can be said that four servings of fresh fruits and vegetables would be enough for good health. As for the weight, 400 to 800 grams in one serving would be enough to achieve the health benefits.

How to maintain the perfect balance of eating Fruits and Vegetables?
Fruits and vegetables are nature’s way to protect us. Nature has already given us the fat-free foods and it is up to us whether we adopt it. Here are some simple ways to cut out the extra calories that you’ve been taking throughout the day.

Start with Right Breakfast:
Wake up and start your day with healthy spinach, onions, or mushrooms toppings for your eggs. The vegetables will add volume to the meal along with flavor and you will consume fewer calories.

Cut the amount of cereal that you used to eat and make room for fruits like banana, peach, strawberries, etc. This will be the perfect bowl of health you need to eat with fewer calories.

Light Up With Lunch:
When it’s time to have lunch, consider using the veggies and fruits as a substitute. Add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or cucumbers with 2 ounces of meat and cheese. Make a sandwich, wrap, or burrito out of it and your lunch will taste better and consist of fewer amounts of calories.
You can also think about a different meal like adding chopped vegetables such as carrots, beans, red peppers, broccoli, etc. in the broth-based soup. The veggies will fill your tummy and you will get all the benefits you need without the extra calories. It is a healthy replacement of noodles or meat.

Perfect Dinner:
Add chopped vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, squash, peppers, or onions in your dinner and remove the 1 cup of rice or pasta that you used to eat. The dish with vegetables will be satisfying and you will stay healthy.

Take a good look at your dinner place. If you notice that colors are missing from the dinner, it is time replace the old meat, cheese, and pasta with legumes, asparagus, greens, broccoli, or any other vegetable that you like. Don’t make the meal a complete platter. Don’t forget to add some fruits to have the sweet and savory taste in your meal.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

When it comes to snacks, nothing can beat fruits. A medium-sized apple, banana, green beans, blueberries, grapes, carrots, and any of your favorite fruit will fit right into the snack category.

You can also consider eating canned or frozen foods. Even the CDC has approved that frozen fruits and vegetables have the same nutritional value as the fresh varieties. However, you need to be careful about the added sugar, cream sauces, or any other ingredient that can affect your health.

Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?

We humans have been stressing out about how to live longer and still stay young for most of it. We can’t prevent ourselves from aging but we can slow the process of course.

Agree or not, we all have had the moment when we saw our first gray hair on the head and freaked out a little. The stiffness or the cracking sound of the body, the wrinkles around your eyes, or any other sign is just your lack of care for your body. But that’s not how you identify aging. People often tend to calculate your age from the number of years you have lived. But the truth is quite surprising. Have you seen Jennifer Lopez? She is about to be 50 and she still looks younger than the women who are in their late 20s

It is not said jokingly that exercise and longevity are connected It is not the physical conditions you should be comparing. It is health that matters more than looks. And if you are healthy from inside, the good health will automatically reflect on your skin too.

Factors like lifestyle, genes, stress, and free radicals results in different results in every human being. What are free radicals you may ask? These are the bad guys, as for as aging and your body are concerned.

And it is not just women who are worried about living a long and healthy life, men worry about that too.

And not to get too techy here but what are “free radicals?” And I don’t mean some of the hippies back in the day(ha, ha!)  Even from day one of life, we are using oxygen to live. This is the good guy in our story. And like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde our friend the oxygen molecule, Dr. Jekyll turns “evil” it divides into two separate atoms.

Now, these atoms, our Mr. Hyde are unpaired (free radicals) and they like to to be paired up. They are “lonely” and now the real damage starts. They, the radical go all over your body looking for a “mate”. This all sounds a little romantic except that this “mating dance” damages the cells, proteins, and our DNA which speeds our aging.

Habits Linked to Longer Life:

Many people around the world think that life expectancy is greatly determined by genetics. But there are lots of other factors that play a major role in figuring out your lifespan. So, if you think you can live your life as a junkie and still get old in a house with your grandkids then you are wrong my friend.

Yes, we agree that genes play a big role in the calculation but it turns out that the environmental factors and your habits also have a big say in it. So, here we are going to discuss some healthy lifestyle habits which are directly linked to longevity. Take a look and see if you are going to live as long as you expect or not!!

Avoid Overeating:

Yes, you heard right, no matter how much you workout, your calorie intake, and longevity is directly linked. Studies have suggested that 10-50% reduction in the regular calorie intake in humans can increase their lifespan.

Over time more and more studies are done on human populations to observe the link between the extended lifespan and the low-calorie intake. It also has a significant impact on the lower likelihood of diseases. Calorie restrictions can help you to reduce excess body and belly fat which is both associated with a shorter lifespan.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to live long term without calories. It will become unsustainable for you and it also has a negative side effect. If you don’t consume enough calories, you will suffer from increased hunger, low body temperature and your sex drive will diminish to almost zero. So, you simply have to control your habit and limit your calorie intake

Engage in Physical Activities:

It is no surprise that exercise and longevity are connected. As long as you stay physically active, you will continue adding years to your life. Just 15 minutes of exercise every single day will help you to get the benefit of an additional 3 years in your life. Now, think how much a 30-minute workout will add up!!

Exercise also decreases the risk of premature death by 4%. A recent review found out that the individuals who exercise daily ahs 22% lower risk of early death. Even the small amounts of exercise can help you if you try out.

Avoid Bad Habits:

Smoking, drinking excessively or eating junk food more than you should are the habits you should be eliminating from your life as quickly as possible. People relate smoking and drinking with relief and junk food is simply an effort to avoid spending time in the kitchen. Well, you are not just avoiding time in the kitchen; you are reducing your life expectancy by 10 years.
Yes, my friend, you read it right. People who smoke more often are 3 times more likely to die a premature death. So, it is never late to quit habits like these.

Be More Conscientious:

No, we are not trying to intimidate you using heavy words; it is something you should be. Conscientiousness refers to a person’s ability to be organized, efficient goal-oriented, and self-disciplined. Based on a study done on 1500 boys and girls into old age, the kids who were organized, persistent, and disciplined had 11% longer life expectancy than their counterparts.

These people have lower blood pressure and fewer issues to deal in their regular life. As a result, there are less psychiatric problems along with a lower risk of diabetes, heart problem, and joint problems. Also, the conscientious people are less likely to risk their life or have a negative reaction to a stressful situation.

It is not rocket science that successful people keep their life sorted to avoid unexpected issues. And leading a good life, being on time, sticking to your plan, all this seems like an appropriate way to live happily and longer.

Nurture Your Social Circle:

Researchers report that maintaining a social network can help you live 50% longer than you expect. Just having 3 social ties are enough to avoid an early death. Studies have revealed that healthy social links make positive changes in human life. It affects the human heart, brain, hormones, and immune system too. So, overall, engaging in social activities is super healthy for you.

A strong circle will help you to avoid negative things in life, you will react less to stress, and might have other positive sides too. So, if you can be a helping hand to some lonely person then consider this fact that you are helping them to live long and happy.

Longevity may seem beyond your control but in reality, you can get fine like an old wine with age if you keep a healthy lifestyle. Drink coffee, exercise, get enough sleep, avoid smoking or excessive alcohol, and some other small things.

It is not said by mistake that exercise and longevity are the elixirs of life. The factors have medical proof and people are often advised by their doctors to focus on these things. Once you have control over these things, altogether you will boost your health and move ahead knowing that you are going to live a long life.

How certain we are about the relationship between exercise and longevity?

People often argue that why does exercise have been such a big thing for extending human life expectancy. But it is pretty clear if you look closely. Observational studies have shown us that higher physical activity levels are directly proportional to lower mortality risk. We don’t just hype it up that exercise and longevity are the elixirs of life, it is a proven fact.

Based on epidemiological estimates, the world is facing a huge problem as the physical activities are declining at a faster rate. Technology is developing at a faster pace and it seems like scientists are trying to make us lazy. But engaging in activities like jogging, hiking, Yoga, or sports have an effect of a magnitude similar to the effect on the human body as of elimination of smoking or obesity from your life.

How can future research ensure that physical activity will lengthen the lifespan?

Another question arises from the researches done on human lifestyle and habits, reveals that we have a long way to go to live a healthy life. We still lack conclusive data from the studies that are used to determine whether physical activities actually add up years in our life or not. But many types of research surely provide insight.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services did research in which they accounted for the factors that impact the life expectancy. The department recommends that the adults of age 18 to 64 must engage in some aerobic exercise at least 2.5 hours at a moderate intensity per week. The number of hours isn’t much considering the fact that there are 168 hours in a week. The researches accepted the benefits of low-level activities and think that it is s great way to improve your lifestyle as well as your lifespan.

Taking look at all these studies and researches, it can get pretty hard to ignore all the facts and truths you read here today. We are not asking you to trust us blindly and give up everything you like to eat, drink, and do for fun. We are simply asking you to keep everything in control. You can never know when life can get out of control. But if there is a possibility that you can do something to live longer, then you should at least give it a chance. Don’t ignore the fact that exercise and longevity are the elixirs of life.

Healthy Living Lifestyle Tips

Over 50 and Worried??? Try Our Anti-Aging Tips For Younger Looking Skin

You can’t stop the way age changes but you can stop age from changing you!!

The top healthy living lifestyle tips you get from all around is to get off your seat, take a walk, eat your veggies, and the typical advice. But do you know what you really need to do? Well, most of the women don’t.

From sleeping to eating, everything has a special effect on your body and skin. Aging fast or slow, truly it is up to you to decide.

The time has changed a lot and we are engaging in habits that make us suffer without even realizing. Well, everyone wants to look like a teenager, have beautiful skin for the rest of their lives. But how’s that possible if you can’t even sacrifice a pizza for it? Truth be told, if you look close, it is feasible to slow down the aging process. And it is easier than you can imagine.

Before you think about spending craploads of money to look younger, stop and consider the fact that you can do it naturally. No matter whether you are over 50 or 40, you can start feeling young at any age. Consider the following healthy living lifestyle tips that prevent aging signs. Good news guys, the tips are available for you as well.

Tip 1: Add Vitamins To Your Routine:

One of the best things that you can do to turn back the clock is to add loads of vitamins in your diet. Some people with super sensitive skin might find them irritating, but they act as a major line of defense against wrinkles. Retinol is the most common source of Vitamin A which is essential to assure that your skin doesn’t age. It helps the skin to clear dark spots, remove the fine lines and uneven skin tone, and provide a texturized skin.

Most of Dermatologists agree that vitamin-A based treatment can stop the aging process even before it starts. Thus, vitamins lie in the top of healthy living lifestyle tips because of the prevention of aging it facilitates.

Tip 2: Skip Sugar and Hydrate:

You might find it hard but sugar is causing more damage than you realize. It not only affects your teeth, but it is also a major component which leads to loss of firmness of the skin as you age. Every single skin expert asks you to focus on a balanced diet that includes protein and vegetables. And the most important part is to skip sugar as much as possible. Poor diets are very rich in sugar content and it is linked to advanced glycation end products. These products cause wrinkles and loss of collagen and elastin on your skin.

And when we are talking about diet, how can we skip the water. Drinking an adequate amount of water is vital to keep your skin healthy and youthful. The amount of water depends on your skin and activities, but the main guideline is to make sure that you never get thirsty. If you don’t drink enough then the wrinkles and fine lines will appear much sooner and the skin will get dry and dull. So, if you want to keep the dewy look, then listen to this, healthy living lifestyle tips try hydrating and eating healthy.

Tip 3: Sleep Guys Sleep:

Whether you have been an all-nighter since your college, the time has come to change that. Staying awake at night is not going to do you any favors. Sleeping is the physiological process and skin repair is done during that time. Your body detoxifies and hormones are balanced during that time. If you want to make sure that you get the benefits of the diet you take, then take an adequate amount of sleep. It will improve circulation around the eyes; hence decrease the puffiness and dryness around the eyes.

Tip 4: Sun Protect and Destroy:

We agree that the sun is the main source of vitamin D for us. But staying in the sun for long cause sunburn and it counts. Repeated sunburn will increase skin damage and might even cause skin cancer. Use protection against sun every time you go out. Maybe it is a little late for you, but you can always guide the kids to avoid the sun so that they can maintain their healthy-looking skin. This anti-aging tip can help them to realize that it is the starting point when your skin starts to age before you.

You can consider wearing protective clothing or apply sunscreen to minimize the effect sun has on your skin.

Whether you are at 50 or older, starting today is the best thing for you. People consider fillers and going under the needle just to maintain their current appearance. Well, if you can look even younger, then why the hell not give it a try. You can read out unlimited anti-aging tips, but what’s the point if you are not implementing them in your rea

Tip 5: Develop A Routine

So, make a skincare routine and follow it strictly. Do meditation to release the stress and tensions from your mind. You need to start from inside out. Once the inside is clear, the glow will reflect on your face. If you think that one day you’ll wake up and have beautiful skin, then you are wrong my friend. Everything good takes time to build and so does your skin.

Additional Tip:

From cleansers to moisturizers, scrubs to face wash, oil to serum, everything matters. Following the skincare routine which suits your skin is crucial. These healthy living lifestyle tips don’t really end whether you are asking your friends or looking for some helpful tips on the internet. But some basic tips stay the same.

Studies have shown that people with oily skin don’t have that much to worry about the signs of aging. But if you have dry or sensitive skin, then you should test the products before you put them on your face. As you age, the skin changes too. So, make sure that you provide the skin exactly what it needs.


About Me



My name is Dr. Charles and I am a retired Chiropractor. I practiced in the Atlanta area for over 31 years and I taught at Life Chiropractic University in the Out-Patient Clinic as well. My purpose in practicing chiropractic was to help people live lifes as pain-free as possible. Not only to be pain-free but so that my patients could have a life where pain and discomfort would not diminish the quality of their lives.


About ten years ago I discovered that I am what I call a “help-a-holic”, I just love helping people. That’s why I got into chiropractic in the first place. In my readings and life experiences, I have found the helping people is the most satisfying thing. Sure, getting a new car, new house, etc are exciting at the time but helping others never gets old, it’s evergreen.

If you would look around this world and you see what’s happening on almost daily. I believe one of the main causes, and there are many, is that many people lack purpose. “Why am I here? , “what’s my purpose in life?”  And they in their quest for answers pursue the wrong things. Not prosurvival activities but anti-survival activities. Such as drinking to excess, criminality, drug addiction, marital infidelity, etc, etc.

I am one of the fortunate ones that found the reason for my being on the planet at this time, to serve others. I did that in my practice and I am doing the same thing in an organization that I am a member of. Only in a much deeper broader way.

Truth be told I feel that my life’s experiences have brought me to this very point in my life. Giving, loving. and serving humanity. That’s where the real magic in life happens.

So that, in somewhat of a nutshell is why I want to help people. That is what I was placed on Earth to do. And every day I am so thankful that I have been on that path for the last 36 years. And I will continue to do this until I am no longer able to.


Given the above, the goal of this site is to help people live more enjoyable lives as they get older. I am in my late 60’s and while my  health is good I want to make sure that my life quality remains the same or improves as much as possible;

That being said there are a massive number of “baby boomers” those born between 1946 and 1964  that have the same wants and needs. How to continue to have a good quality of life as we continue to age.

The science of anti-aging, longevity, long life .what have you, is growing massively. Almost daily there are remedies, nutritional supports, and functional medicine  discovers that are helping people’s lives that are all over the internet,

I feel with my extensive background in functional wellness I can be a great resource to share information, websites, and from time to time products that will be able to help those of you out there that want to to be as healthy as possible and as pain-free as possible for as long as possible.

As well as the above there will be topics on proper eating, exercise, correct mindset, sleeping, weight loss, etc.

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