12 Best Energy Foods for Seniors

Some specific foods boost the energy levels of seniors. We will be looking at the 12 best energy foods for seniors. These foods help seniors maintain good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The food will help you anytime you feel down or have a lack of energy.

A lack of energy would affect your daily activity as you would be very unproductive and might not find the strength to do what you want to do for the day.

This food plays essential roles in providing the needed energy to do the day to day work. The foods don’t just give you energy and give you nutrients to help you mean focus and alert.

Here is the list of 12 best energy foods for seniors

1.    Watermelon: watermelon is a great combination of water and fiber; it is not only delicious; it is also refreshing. It is high in vitamin C and vitamin A and has about 46 calories per cup. It helps keep seniors hydrated as watermelon is made of 92% water.


Dehydration happens more commonly with seniors, and watermelon will give them vitamins, with other health benefits, in addition to water to hydrate and give seniors enough energy for the activities of the day.

2. Oatmeal with Berries: Oatmeal is a whole grain that will provide long-lasting energy needed for day to day activities. It contains soluble fibers, gels, beta-glucans, and water.

Oatmeal with Berries

This gel is what makes oatmeal stay in the stomach longer and keep you from going hungry early. Oatmeals are rich in vitamins like vitamin B, Iron, and manganese; these vitamins help with energy production. These effects make oatmeal a good energy source food.

Eating oatmeal with berries is solid energy giving food. Berries are packed with antioxidants and a good amount of fiber. It also doesn’t digest fast and releases energy slowly; just like oatmeal, they would stay in your stomach for a long time.

3. Whole Grains: Whole grains are a good energy source food, they digest slowly, just the other energy food here, and they stay in the stomach longer.

Whole Grains

Whole grains also help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, help control weights, protect against metabolic syndrome, reduce the risk of heart diseases, reduce blood pressure, decrease the risks of stroke, cut cholesterol and reduce cancer risks.

4. Cold-Water Fish: Coldwater fish is an excellent source of protein and vitamin B and can sustain the body with energy for the day.

Cold-Water Fish

Coldwater fish like salmon, tuna, etc. all have high omega-3 fatty acid that is needed for the improvement of brain function, reduce inflammation in the body, and give energy.

5. Walnuts: Walnut is a good blend of protein, fats, and carbohydrates; these properties of the walnut all help to make walnuts provide energy for the body.


Walnut also contains vitamins like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. Walnut is high in calories, so be careful, don’t eat too much.

6. Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt is an excellent source of energy as it contains protein, carbohydrates, which gives a lot of energy to the body.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt also contains other benefits, it has low sugar, and it stays in the stomach for longer times. Once taken in the morning, Greek yogurt can hold you for a long time.

7. Low-Fat Dairy Products: Low-fat dairy products like eggs are a good energy source for the body. Eggs contain plenty of protein and nutrients that will sustain the body with enough energy.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

The egg has the properties to keep the stomach filled for a long time.


8. Fruits and Vegetables: Vegetables are a good source of energy for the body, especially vegetables like yam and sweet potatoes, beets, dark leafy greens, etc. they are all good sources of carbohydrates, and they provide energy to the body.

Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables are high in fiber, and that allows them to give our sustained energy throughout the day.

Fruits are also a great source of energy for the body. For example, banana, avocadoes, goji berries, apples, strawberries, oranges, dark berries, etc

They all have antioxidants and contain different vitamins that play positive roles in the development of the body. They also give energy in the process and can fill your stomach.

9. Protein: Proteins like meat, legumes, beans are an amazing energy source for the body. Beans, for example, contain many amino acids that are hard for the body to break down; proteins tend to stay for a long time in the stomach and release energy as they do.


You won’t need to eat for a while as the proteins will provide you with sustainable energy for your day to day activities.


10.  Dark chocolate: Taking some dark chocolate is one of the easiest ways of boosting your energy levels. Dark chocolate usually has less sugar but has more cocoa content, which means there are many antioxidants.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate releases energy to the body as it gets digested fast but gives a lot of energy in the process. Dark chocolate will supply your body with the needed energy for the day.

Dark chocolate also benefits the cardiovascular system of the body by helping the body pump more blood. With the flow of more blood in the body, there will be more oxygen movement into the important areas of the body, which will lead to a more relaxed mind and body.


11.  Low-fat Cottage Cheese: Low-fat cottage cheese is a low-fat dairy product that is a good source of carbohydrate and protein; it also has calcium.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

This food is good for seniors because it gives them energy; it has nutrients and vitamins needed for the body’s general working. The low-fat cottage cheese is also straightforward to make, and it is a delicious meal to add to your lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

12.  Honey: Honey, especially raw honey, possesses a lot of glucose, which will give the body the needed energy for daily activities. It supplies the body with energy and has to help digestive discomfort and maintain the body’s antioxidant levels protecting the body from stress


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