As we get older, we must exercise to stay in shape more than ever. Seniors need to get used to maintaining a healthy work out routine to keep the body fit and young.

The problem is which exercise is proper and which exercise equipment is safe for seniors. Worry no more; we got you covered as we are presenting twelve home exercise equipment for seniors. This equipment will burn calories, increase flexibility, and overall boy endurance, among other things.

 Home Gym

home gym

Having a home gym is an excellent option for keeping fit for seniors. Home gym offers a lot of convenience for seniors as it provides a lot of exercise options in a small space in your house. The exercises are low impact and can be done at your comfort.

With a small facility, you can have a home gym or a garage gym to improve the strength, endurance, balance of your body, and general body posture. The home gym comes in different variations. Buy the one you feel more comfortable with.


 Jump Rope

jump rope

Jump rope can be a fun game and a greater calorie burner. A 15 minutes rope jump will burn off the calories you need to burn in a day. Apart from burning calories, it helps balance the body and improves the heart rate. It strengthens the lower and upper parts of the body.

Jump rope, when done right, can be a lower impact activity than jogging. It helps with seniors’ body posture and strengthens the joints in the knees, ankles, and hips.


 Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike

Cycling has been away for seniors and adults to keep in shape and stay fit. It is one of the most efficient exercises that go back centuries. It helps strengthen the muscles and the bones. It also improves your cardiovascular health while enhancing your joint mobility and maintaining overall body coordination.

People cycle outdoors most times, which is pretty easy when you were younger but for seniors beyond the 60-year mark. Ideally, we turn to a less strenuous form of cycling. Since we still love cycling, we can cycle, not outdoors, but in our homes with stationary bikes.



The elliptical workout equipment is perfect for seniors as it allows them to stand for a long time, which helps improve their balance, create more endurance, and burn a lot of calories. The elliptical equipment feels like skiing and walking simultaneously with an adjustable arm to help balance—adjustable resistance to help with the heart rates. Elliptical helps build more muscles and is very senior-friendly.

Stability Ball

stability ball

A stability ball is nice workout equipment that helps build core strength for senior’s balance and posture. All you got to do is sit on the stability ball. You can do it when you are working or writing. It is the equipment you can use anytime. It helps improve flexibility and overall fitness level.



swimming kickboard exercises

The kickboard has been a lifesaver to a lot of beginning swimmers. Kickboard builds the body for swimming by developing more strength and fit the kicking motion to your legs. It improves your swing speed and kicks speed, making you faster in water.

It might not be advisable to jump into the water and swim for seniors; it’s only okay if you still got the strength. Still, it is possible to swim in the water with kickboards. There are different types of kickboards. They both do the same work to help keep the body fit.

With kickboard exercises, you build your legs bones, and joint muscles while maintaining good posture and helping your back pain heal.

Lat Pull Down Machine

Lat Pull Down Machine

The lat pulldown machine is used to correct back pains for seniors. This is so awesome for seniors as many seniors suffer from back pains and bad postures as time goes on. Most times, this is due to the weakened muscle at the back.

When we use the lat pulldown machine to work out, it helps correct this, all you have to is sit on the lat machine and pull down a bar in your back or in front, while you adjust the weights to your comfort. The lat machine helps improve your back muscles.

Yoga Matyoag mat

The yoga mat is not only for seniors practicing yoga. It is also for seniors who want to workout as it allows seniors to perform low-impact exercises on any part of your body on a soft platform. Yoga mats are great for stretching and also for practicing yoga.

These exercises help seniors correct their core muscles, balance, and endurance issues. You can make use of the yoga mat any time to have exercise without arming yourself.

Wrist WeightsWrist Weights

The wrist weights are a way of working out our wrist. We can do this while we are doing other workouts, like jogging, walking, elliptical machines, etc. You use the wrist weights by attaching the wrist weights to your wrists.

The wrist weights are very light, but you can add more weights to make it more challenging—the weight wrist will help seniors build flexibility on their wrist and give use stronger muscles over there.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is a fun exercise every senior should try. It is an awesome cardio workout that creates resistance, strengthening the body core by pulling the body away from the machine. Row machines are customizable to your comfort level of anybody, especially seniors. Rowing machines help seniors work on their muscles, increase endurance and strength.


Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

This is just like riding a bicycle, but it is done in house. Cycling is an awesome cardio workout that has helped many seniors improve their legs muscles, balance, and endurance. The recumbent machine is for cycling while sitting on a chair design; this makes cycling more comfortable.

The speed of the bike can be adjusted and customized to your taste. And there is a low risk of injuries. This exercise helps build the strength of the bone and also the joint muscles.



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