13 Tips To a Healthy Marriage!!

While we may be older if we don’t have that significant other and if we listen to ourselves we still need that special partner. We may be alone either because of divorce or death of one’s spouse we are alone.   Society tends to poo poo romance between two seniors but that does not take … Read more

Latest Anti- Aging Medical News !!

Hi all. This post will be a bit different.  I want to share with you my readers the latest anti-aging medical news I came across the following articles during my research. This article will give you an idea of what’s happening to this area and it is really exciting. I want to give you a … Read more

Top-Rated Joint Supplements For Pain

When it comes to selecting top-rated joint supplements, there’s an ever-increasing number of products that sometimes promise further than they deliver. Supplement makers are not subject to the same strict regulations as the pharmaceutical industries, in terms of clinical research, quality assurance, and product marketing. To this end, you should take a guarded stance when … Read more

5 Best Tennis Racquets for Seniors!


    Tennis is enjoyed by people of all ages. But what are the best tennis racquets for seniors?  The good thing about the sport is that there is a way to improve, regardless of your ability and age bracket but you will need the best tennis racquet for seniors. The dynamic range of movement … Read more