7 Reasons Why Tennis Is The Best For Seniors

Did you ever have reasons that tennis is the best for seniors? There are really many benefits to playing tennis as you age. Tennis is a very famous sport for several seniors, and for many reasons. It can not only be healthy, but it is a sport senior can compete in and master.



Actually, the International Tennis Federation has its own senior and Super-Seniors divisions. The aging procedure is frequently associated with what the medical community calls functional decline. This includes a decreased lung capacity, weakened heart, increase in body fat, increased likelihood of hypertension, loss of strength and muscle mass, lower bone density, as well as cognitive decline.

All these factors can contribute to poor health and both mental or physical frailty in seniors. But these symptoms, research suggests, aren’t directly a result of aging. Instead, they’re a consequence of inactivity.

Yes, your body changes as you grow older. But staying fit and active can help prevent dangerous declines like heart disease, bone fractures, and memory loss. If you need for staying both physically and socially active, you can want to think about taking up tennis.

Fitness and Cardiovascular Health

Tennis is a unique sport; it offers both aerobic (endurance) and anaerobic (quick explosive movements) training. The average point in tennis includes bursts of activity and acts to make our bodies in a similar way, interval training will do.

This has a profoundly positive impact on our heart and lungs with studies showing that playing just three hours a week decreases the risk of heart disease by over 50 percent. Additionally, playing tennis can decrease the rate of decline in our fitness as we get older. In a study looking at eight different sports, it was identified that tennis players had a long-life expectancy, by around 10 years.

Tennis is a sport for all ages, sizes, genders, and expertise levels, with advantages including maintaining healthy body composition, muscle strength, bone health, and balance.

Strength and Weight

The health advantages of tennis for seniors include upper and low body strength and helping maintain a healthy weight. Tennis players are probably to have a lower percentage of body fat and a body mass index within the healthy range.


One study of tennis players between the ages of 31 and 55 discovered that both men and women consistently had below-average body fat.

Lower body fat can help decrease your risk for diabetes, higher blood pressure, heart attack, and other chronic diseases frequently associated with aging and keeping your joints healthy and mobile.

Heart and Lung Health

Vigorous physical activity like tennis promotes a healthy heart and lungs as you age. Studies have discovered that tennis players have the above-average aerobic capacity, and oxygen intake, indicating a higher level of both heart and lung health.

Tennis is one of many forms of exercise that might lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Research has shown that tennis players have a high average heart volume than non-active people, allowing their bodies to pump blood more efficiently as they exercise. Another study found that male tennis players between the ages of 40 and 59 had high levels of HDL (or better) cholesterol than their less-active peers.

Bone Health, Osteoporosis, and Falling

Weight-bearing exercise such as tennis helps to increase bone density, which prevents osteoporosis or bone fractures. One big study of women ages 65 and older discovered that vigorously active women were 33 percent less probably to suffer from fractures than inactive women.

A study of men over the age of 44 found the same results. Because tennis involves fast movement and direction changes,

it helps maintain your balance, coordination, as well as muscle agility, 3 factors that can help prevent falls. Falling, reports the National Council on Aging, is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older women and men, including breaks and fractures.

A serious enough fall might lead to time in the hospital and even a loss of mobility. The health advantages of exercise such as playing tennis, by contrast, will keep seniors agile and strong, preventing falls and helping you remain independent as you age.

Memory and Mental Health

strong mentally

Research strongly indicates that exercise can aid maintain cognitive function as you age, preventing memory loss, and keeping your mind sharp.

In a study following 299 adults over nine years, researchers discovered that exercise was linked to high amounts of grey matter in the brain, which is associated with a lowered risk of cognitive impairment.

Structured, intense exercise in especially like playing a tennis match, has been shown to improve mental performance and help lower your risk for disease of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Strong Bones and Muscles

strong muscle

Playing tennis on a regular basis leads to stronger, healthier bones. This impact is big in those who play tennis from an early age, but those who start playing tennis later in life can advantages.

Many studies have examined bone health in tennis players at different levels with showing that bone density and strength increase as a result of tennis participation.

This’s most noticeable in the spine or hips and the dominant arm of the tennis player. Deterioration in bone health in women is major medical anxiety, with conditions like osteoporosis causing debilitating fractures, involving stress fractures in athletic women.

It’s reassuring to know that most players on the WTA tour will maintain healthy bones throughout their lives. The movement patterns needed for tennis like pushing off, jumping, lunging, combined with the start or stop nature of the game, develop muscular strength and endurance in legs or core, and an ability to resist fatigue.

Improved Immunity

There’s a wealth of evidence for suggesting that immunity is enhanced through exercise. Moderate exercise improves the immune system by increasing the number and strength of immune system cells and increasing immune system efficiency.

As tennis is both mentally or physically demanding, reason would suggest that it’s one of the good sporting activities to give our immunity a boost.

Tennis players adopt healthier lifestyle patterns such as eating nutritious foods, applying proper hydration practices, prioritizing rest or recovery, and sleeping a minimum of eight hours, which helps to prevent illness.


I hope that you enjoyed this piece. I have never played tennis in my life but researching this topic I became very enthusiastic about this.

So I hope that like me this generated interest in starting to learn this sport and the others who may have played in the past but for one reason or another stopped.

Maybe this post will get you back into this activity that seems to have large physical and mental benefits.


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