How much do you know about testosterone and its effect on men’s health? There are at least nine things you need to know about testosterone. Well, get a chair to sit on and read or study the following concept that I will be exposing you to in this article.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced primarily in the testes of the male. It is responsible for the secondary sex characteristics. This is often referred to as the “male sex hormone” because men tend to have significantly higher testosterone levels than women.

The following ways are the manners by which testosterone can affect men’s health;

Physicality changes

Sexual functionality changes

Emotionality changes etc.

This is because as you age, testosterone begins to decline. It is estimated to start declining 1% per year on getting to 30-40 years.

However, aging is something you cannot run away from as it will catch up with you sooner or later.

Before that happens, you need to maintain your testosterone level to be vulnerable to any ailments at your later age. To achieve this, you need to carry out some tests and perform some works to increase testosterone and aging naturally.

Why Testosterone Level Matters In Men

Testosterone Level Matters In Men

Testosterone matters greatly in men because it is the hormone produced primarily in the testicles. It helps maintain men’s health in the following ways;

Sex drive

Sperm production

Bone density

Fat distribution

Muscle strength

Facial and body hair

Red blood cell production

As one age, the testosterone level starts to decline over time. It is very active at the adolescent stage up to early adulthood (about 25 years) or once you cross 30.

This hormone’s involvement includes; deepening of the voice, hair growth, development of bones and muscles, and other aspects related to the appearance and production of sperm.

The problems directly linked with this hormone are reduced bone mass, sleeping difficulty, reduced muscle mass, decreased energy levels, increased body fat, mood changes, etc.

Therefore, you need to know some things about your testosterone. The knowledge they said is power, so knowledge of your testosterone will enable you to know when to increase or decrease your testosterone level.

Tests You Need To Take Whenever Possible

Have you ever thought of how great a hormone can affect your body? No? well, not only the testosterone hormone but also other hormones also have a lot of effects on your body.

So, here we are! Let’s learn what we can do to make aging enjoyable and smother; below are some tests you need to take to ensure that you are in good shape even while aging with fewer worries and how to increase testosterone naturally in men.

Things You Need To Know About Your Testosterone and Aging

Blood Sugar Check:

High blood sugar levels and diabetes can affect your testosterone, which can hurt your sex drive and sperm production; this is so well in women and not only men.

High blood sugar levels decrease testosterone production. It can affect practically every aspect of how well your body works and functions, including testosterone production.

If your blood sugar level is consistently higher above normal, the pituitary gland that produces “luteinizing hormone” or (LH) will struggle to produce normal amounts. This hormone is what stimulates the production of testosterone in your testicles.

Just so you know that without enough LH, producing enough testosterone will be difficult.

Therefore, check the level of your blood sugar today to aid you in how you are going to maintain the balance between low sugar and high sugar.

This test needs to be performed yearly.

Liver Enzyme Test:

Liver enzyme tests, also regarded as a hepatic panel, are blood tests that provide information about the current state of being of a patient’s liver.

This test helps diagnose and monitor your liver diseases or damages done to your body without noticing.

The following are various liver tests;

Prothrombin time

Activated partial thromboplastin time


Bilirubin and others

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test

PSA test is a blood test used to detect prostate cancer, assess the occurrence, and unmonitored treatment suitable for it.

The PSA test is used to screen men with prostate cancer and monitor its progress as time wears on.

Due to the increase in testosterone, men tend to develop prostate cancer as they age naturally.

So, it is advisable you annually check or do a PSA test.



Testosterone may contribute largely to colon cancer tumor growth if your diet is not good and you have a lot of body fat. Then having a colonoscopy is the easiest way to ensure that you don’t have colon cancer.

The inflammation in bowel movements is the most common risk factor for this type of cancer. If you get checked every two years, you will identify cancer in an early stage.

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Blood pressure

To manage your heart’s health, you need to manage your blood pressure and cholesterol first because high blood pressure and cholesterol may lead to greater heart attack risks, stroke, and maybe other health issues.

So, take the first step today by regulating your blood pressure and cholesterol. If there is a history of cardiac diseases in the family, and you have elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure, this test will tell you if there is some significant heart damage.

Skin Check:

Skin is a susceptible organ of the human body which is exposed to different kinds of organism. Checking it regularly is a safe way of not getting irritated skin.

A skin check is meant to identify suspicious growth and any other changes on your skin. Simultaneously, small changes in the skin can lead to skin cancer and some other issues.

For this reason, you need to visit a dermatologist for a checkup of your skin.

Thyroid health (TSH)

The pituitary gland is what produced thyroid-stimulating hormone in your brain (TSH). Testosterone has many important roles in men’s health, including bones, sex drive, muscle growth, and reproduction.

An increase in this TSH can affect the role testosterone plays in the health of men. An increase in TSH is regarded as hypothyroidism, which can lower testosterone’s free flow in the blood.

TSH test is a part of a blood group test that involves drawing out blood from a patient and taking it to the lab for further processing. There is no pain in carrying out this test, so why not check your TSH level today because TSH treatment can improve your low testosterone.

Osteoporosis Screening


Osteoporosis screening is a situation that is characterized by low bone mass and micro-architectural deterioration of the bone that leads to bone fragility and fracture susceptibility.

As you age, your testosterone serum concentration decreases so does your bone density. So doing a checkup every 3 years will let you know the condition of your testosterone.

 Imaging Tests:

Have you ever considered turning away from sex? There is none but one possibility for this, and that is the deficiency in your testosterone. Brain damage is developed from depression or several psychological incidents; it can leave you dependent on others if you ignore it.

People who have emotional problems or many things in their minds are most likely to get brain damage at an older age. This can cause diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cognition malfunction as you get old. To catch the early symptoms, you have to perform imaging tests.

Bone damage can be caused by emotional disturbances, depressions, and any other mental incidences. There is no reliable way of checking for low testosterone, but imaging tests like CT scan, MRI scan, EEG, and others help scan for bone damage

If you crave a healthy life so much, then take a simple visit to your doctor.

Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Testosterone Level Naturally

Eat Protein and Fat

Protein and Fat

Pay close attention to your long-term calorie intake and eat healthy food as much as you can.

Minimize stress and make sure that you are not suffering from depression.

The stress increases body fat and reduces the levels of testosterone significantly.

Add minerals supplements to your diet accordingly.

Get plenty of rest and good quality sleep to optimize your health for the long term.

Having positive changes in your lifestyle is necessary if you want to increase testosterone naturally.



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