Best Bicycle for Seniors, Fun and Healthy!

Best Bicycle for Seniors, Fun and Healthy!
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There are a lot of people in the world who enjoy riding bikes, and for many good reasons but what is the best bicycle for seniors? It’s an inexpensive mode of transportation, it’s simple to learn how to ride one, it isn’t complicated to use, and people take it as a form of sports, exercise, and even entertainment.

People lose physical strengths and abilities gradually as they’re getting older. Older people, particularly those above 60, are more possibly to be affected by mobility problems, obesity, knee, back, and other issues. Many of them develop a love for riding bicycles for both transport and exercise.

While there’re various elderly-friendly and cheaper alternatives in cars and motorbikes, several senior citizens yet prefer cycling to their modes of transportation. To help them decide on what bike to purchase, we have compiled six bikes recommended for seniors in 2020.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid

Seniors, Fun and Healthy!

The Schwinn Discover comes with a suspension for that cushions the gears and enable the rider to regulate the speed. Combine that with 21 speeds, and you get full control over the speed of the bike. Moreover, the Promax alloy linear brakes are best for urban traffic.

However, it is recommended that you be sure they work well before you take it on a ride. For a further comfortable grip and best control, the Schwinn Discover comes with swept up handlebars. Its sturdiness enables the user to carry any weight with no trouble. So, it is a perfect bike for older people that like to go shopping.

Also, replacing the plastic rear rack with a metal one will be a great choice that takes no time or effort.


Lightweight, strong, and sturdy

Wide and comfortable seat

Tough and durable with all types of terrain

Has a stylish and retro look

Suits all kinds of users


has an inexpensive plastic rear rack

Some mechanical problems can arise with the brakes

Raleigh Detour 2 

Seniors, Fun and Healthy!

If you enjoy going on a bike ride for cooling and relaxation off, you’ll love the Raleigh Detour two.

To take on gentle slopes, it is equipped with reliable and adequate gears. On the other hand, it comes with a vibratory front suspension that absorbs shocks and decreases vibration on bumpy terrains.

Moreover, the flame is built to decrease the impacts of shocks and bumps further and to take the tension off major joints.

Not only that, but the seat post is equipped with the suspension to decrease vibrations and maximize comfort.

The Raleigh Detour two has a smooth cruiser configuration that offers the rider with comfortable and smooth pedaling.

And to make it as a top-notch comfort bike, the Raleigh Detour two comes with 2” slick tires that deliver a cushioned ride. It has a rear rack for adding panniers and accessories according to the preference of the user.

The only downside to it, however, is that it is difficult to assemble on your own and can need professional help as the instruction manual isn’t readily available.


Lightweight and comfortable

Smooth gear shift

Suits all users

Adjustable handlebars that allow an upright position

Stylish look


May need professional help for assembly

A bit pricey

Retrospec Critical Cycles
Seniors, Fun and Healthy!

Looking for a well-made, comfortable, and sturdy bike? The Retrospec Critical Cycles has all those qualities and more. Being a single-speed bike is a small bothersome, but with urban traffic, it does not look like you will need much more.

Though it has a bit of a retro design, its functionality is futuristic, and its components are of the best quality.

Such as all comfort bikes, the Retrospec Critical Cycles has a step-through design that facilitates mounting and descent. Moreover, the mustache handlebars come with leather grips that match the leather saddle and give you great handling.

The 30mm deep-v rims help minimize the weight of this bike to make it simple to handle and assemble.


Stylish retro design

Amazing bang for the buck

Premium build quality

Smooth handling


Only has a single speed

A bit pricey

Sixthreezero Body Ease


Sixthreezero is as comfortable as a bike can get. The cruiser configuration facilitates pedaling, and it comes with two-inch slick tires that offer the rider with maximum comfort. It is designed in a way that lets the rider to maintain an upright position with no strain whatsoever on their back.

Furthermore, the rear rack is a nice addition that lets you carry baskets and other items. However, it is a small-size bike, so it cannot suit taller people, and why it is the best bicycle for women.

Its beautiful style comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you can select the one that suits your preferences. It looks beautiful and comes in a variety of colors and styles.


Beautiful color with an appealing design

Reasonable cost

Cushioned seat with an upright design

Simple to assemble

Simple to mount and get off

Shock-absorption that maximizes comfort


The original seat can be too hard and need replacement


Retrospec Beaumont-7

Best Bicycle for Seniors, Fun and Healthy!
Retrospec Beaumont-7

If you are a senior woman looking for a reliable bike, Retrospec Beaumont-7 is recommended. It has a lightweight steel frame that makes it stylish and simple to get off and on. The Retrospec Beaumont-7 comes with premium-quality components, including the drivetrain, tires, and brakes.

With a 7-speed control, you have got enough gears to climb few sloping hills or simply commute in town. However, it is a small hard to assemble, so you can need your local mechanic’s help. But once you’ve it assembled, you will enjoy how reliable the brakes are and how comfortable the ride is.


The front & rear handbrake offers precise stopping.

Its components give it a stylish and attractive look.

The foam grips, as well as deluxe cushioned saddle, keep you comfortable all-time.

85% assembled and can be easily assembled.


The tools given did not serve their purpose as expected.

Its manual isn’t self-explanatory for novices.


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