Seniors! what a lovely time for brain games activities. What are the “Best brain games for seniors”? For the past nine (9) months, our world has changed drastically. Centers for seniors are closed, gyms are either having limited hours for operation or are not opening, outdoor sporting events, concert, the festival has been canceled. These pandemic effects have temporarily changed our lifestyles and caused a threat to our healthy lives.

As you age, you might found yourself or someone close to you becoming either a bit more forgetful or maybe things are getting misplaced by you. Severe memory loss or frequent forgetfulness are signs of Alzheimer’s disease, some forgetfulness is a normal part of age. Albeit, preventing that is almost impossible, there are things you can do to prevent the brain from aging very fast.

To achieve that we need to give our brain some workout and have fun simultaneously while actively keeping our brain much like the body is very important at all times of life. Brain games and puzzle-solving are an effective way of working out your brain and reducing your brain age process in a simple form or style for keeping yourself sharp, and many folks worldwide do these types of activities every day. This is why I will recommend nine (9) best brain games for seniors.


Arts and crafts

This is a handicrafts’ upon making decorative and useful things manually, it is a wide variety of activities that involved you making things with your own hands like wood carving, sewing, woodworking. Both children and adults engage in these games.

It is the best brain game for seniors because it slows down the brain from aging fast and it comes with other physical benefits to you, which is the reason why you need to often involve yourself and your loved ones with arts and crafts activities.

Some of its physical benefits are:

a. Creation of arts keeps your mind stimulated and will help you to prevent emotional sickness

b. It gives you a sense of competency and greater self-esteem whenever you are creating something through arts and crafts.

c. Painting or pottery can be greatly satisfying to you, even if you have lost the use of your legs or having been confined to a wheelchair.

d. Arts and crafts can improve blood flow and dexterity in your fingers, hands arms when creating arts since you are using your hands always

e. Arts making causes your brain to reshape and restructure itself which leads to improved cognitive functioning. your brain may age but your creative abilities or skills do not necessarily need to deteriorate as you get older.

Allow me to ask you this question. Do you know the feeling that comes from a job well done? Many of us experienced that kind of satisfaction before retirement that is what it feels like after completing a task in arts and crafts.


Word puzzle

Another best brain game activity that can be used by our brain during a workout is word puzzles. Are you not tired of watching television? Why not go inside and bring out your colored pencils and let’s do some word search, it will keep your mind young, these are what my grandma said whenever watching movies becomes boring.

She likes word puzzles and always complete a few in fewer hours, as at then I didn’t know what the puzzle-solving was adding to her until I started to age. Word puzzles keep your mind active. Below are some notable benefits of it

a. Word puzzles or search boost dopamine (the feeling good hormone)

b. It is a game bonding exercise as it brings the family closer together

c. It will enhance your cognitive skills

d. When you play word puzzles, it helps you to relieve stress and calm your mind

e. World puzzles enhance problem-solving skills

f. It is a good way to socialize with peers

g. It adds meanings and substances to life

Above all, it works out the brain and it is fun in doing



Sudoku is a number based activity brain game that deals with number placement which relies on short term memory. Sudoku is a puzzle whose completion requires each of typically nine rows and columns and each of as many usually subregions to contain without duplication and complete the puzzle, you need to look forward to following trails of consequences, if you put a 6 in this box, that one must be an 8 and this one a 4 and so on.

This type of planning will help improve your short term memory and concentration, it will stimulate your mind, your chances of developing Alzheimer’s will reduce by keeping your brain active as well, you get to do things quickly, increases your concentration power and also feel happy. Playing Sudoku is an extensive way or manner of exercising your brain.




Scrabble is a game you can learn a lot out of from playing steadily. Rack your brain for words long forgotten by you, you can also learn new words and practice your spelling all while having a workout for your brain, having fun and entertainment, and a competitive match with your loved ones. Why not give it a go, my friend.




One of the best games out there is chess. To be good at it, you need to use your facing and thinking (brain), and faculty regularly playing chess will always keep you sharp alwaJIGSAW PUZZLES

Jigsaw puzzles enable you to start using part of your brain which is often inactive. Jigsaw puzzles help seniors actively think and work out the brain, helping to slow the aging process.

7. Luminosity


Luminosity is the most successful brain games provider in the world. They have an available app on Android and IOS as well as a premium and free membership version. This game is appropriate for seniors who want to quicken their response time, memory, and overall brain function. It can be used for seniors who are struggling with memory loss and anybody to work on five key areas of the brain:


Quick recovery of the location of objects

For accurately and quick learning of new subjects

How to Keep track of more than one idea at the same time


Maintaining a focus on task learning all day long

Can improving productivity and precision at work or home

Avoiding distraction

Concentrating while learning something new.


Helps you in decision making on time in sensitive situations.

Speeding up your cognitive process

Helps you to adapt to your changing environment

Helps you in reacting quickly


You get to communicate clearly. It helps you to think outside the box.

You get to avoid errors

Problem Solving

Helps seniors to calculate figures in their head

Allows you to make quick and accurate estimations

8. Trivia Games


Trivia Games

Do you have dementia? Yes or no as long as you are a senior try playing trivia games as it can be a useful tool for you or your loved one who is having dementia. It comes with other benefits like;Playing trivia games make you improve your cognitive skills by providing mental crossing-training called asymmetric thinking

Makes you more alert and receptive to useful information. Thus, improving the learning curve You can facilitate your brain with it. It serves as a unique communication model and social interactions.

9. Online and Video Games

Video games


Most people around the world aged 50 and above play online or video games on their phones because it is an avenue for playing all the above-listed brain games for seniors. You can download a chess app, scrabble, etc. On your android or ios. The following are its benefits.

It promotes your emotional wellbeing Your physical performance gets to improve It leads to you having an increase in intellectual abilities. It is however pertinent for you to get involved in one or more of the games recommended above because it helps to keep your mind active as well as slow your brain aging process.


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