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Tennis is enjoyed by people of all ages. But what are the best tennis racquets for seniors?  The good thing about the sport is that there is a way to improve, regardless of your ability and age bracket but you will need the best tennis racquet for seniors. The dynamic range of movement causes your joints for working through the motions and moving about the court is the best form of cardio.

This makes the exercise ideal for seniors. Senior leagues allow you to compete against people of the same age and ability. With several tennis clubs now offering these, it is easy than ever for seniors to get into the sport. When it comes to selecting a tennis racquet, go for something that suits the senior game.

The heavy racquet you have used in the twenties can’t be appropriate today, so it is good if you upgrade to something that can suit your requirements. Here are some best tennis racquets that are highly recommended for seniors.

1. Head Radical Oversize

The Radical line from Head is very famous over the years, and they continue to bring in many people who are looking for something that’s great all about. With a head size that’s huge enough to handle everything and enough weight to put few powers behind shots, most seniors will find it relatively simple to battle different kinds of opponents.

Head Radical Oversize

The 18 x 19 string pattern offers a very dense set up overall, which is good for people who want to have some control. Some big oversized racquets are difficult to control, and that can hurt an overall ability of players.

Seniors love maneuverability in a racquet, and this certainly provides it. It works well for doubles and singles, allowing players to actually feel like they’re in control.

If the oversized option feels such as too much head size, there’s the option of trying out other Head Radicals as well. The complete line is known for many versatilities, which is why it’s such a popular racquet.


Players same enough to other Radicals

Great control

Simple to maneuver


Not the most powerful

Can benefit from the added length

2. Volkl V Sense V1 OS

The latest series from Volkl offers the best racquet for different kinds of players. It has sufficient heft behind it to allow for some pace, but it is one of the easy racquets to maneuver. Many older players love using this for doubles leagues because it’s a modern weapon with some slight tinkering for an older player. For beginners, the head size is somewhat bigger, offering a player sweeter spot real estate to work with.

Wilson Blade 104 V7

This’s a 27.8-inch racquet, with 115 square inches for working within head size. It’s such a lightweight racquet that few people fear they cannot get power behind their swings, but the balance lets for it to play pretty well.

The company provides a V1 MP version for people who think 115 square inches is too large. That version is just 102 square inches, and it adds a small bit more weight to the equation as well. Depending on the ability level of a senior player, either option is good to play with.


Good swing weight for added power

Length comes in handy


Large sweet spot


Feels a little clunky for a few players

Control can be better

3. Wilson Blade 104 V7

The Blade has been a very famous option for players at all skill levels since it released. It looks like any type of player can actually benefit from using the racquet consistently once they’re used to it in their hands. The new Blade is a large step in the right direction thanks to Wilson including their Feel flex technology in the racquet.Wilson Blade 104 V7

This carbon mapping makes it one of the most comfortable racquets out there, when a racquet is comfortable, a person feels such as they aren’t going to mess up their arm.

This racquet is a classic case of feeling lightweight, but not so much that it feels such as a player can be completely pushed about. Just around every order player played with a somewhat heavy racquet early on in their life, so there’s no need to go with something that’s very lightweight. By having some depth behind every shot, senior players can go up against tough opponents.


Flex technology takes it to a new level

Can hit clean, crisp strokes like standard performance racquets

Best balance


Heavy or tough to maneuver for few seniors

Not a lot of power on serves

4. Babolat Pure Aero Lite

The Babolat Pure Aero is maybe the most famous racquet out right now. It helps that it’s endorsed by Raphael Nadal, but many people just like how simple it is to pick up and play. With any famous tennis racquet like this, the company is going to make many different options that are customized for different styles of play.

Babolat Pure Aero Lite

A senior player can want something a little lighter, and that’s where the Pure Aero Lite comes into play. The only thing that’s different from this model compared to the standard one is the weight overall.

That makes the racquet a little easy for seniors to maneuver, and fatigue does not set in either. Having the ability to play freely with a racquet that can create so much spin and power is nice. Its head size is small at 100 square inches. Babolat makes many different options, but they do not increase the head size of this racquet at all.

They feel as though taking it down to just 10.1 ounces in weight is great enough. The responsiveness is better enough with this racquet that even older players can put the ball where they want to all game long. For the good blend of a modern racquet and a better amount of flexibility, this’s one to check out.


Plays a lot such as the standard Pure Aero

Works well with any kind of string

Creates a good amount of more spin


A little stiff


5. Prince Textreme Warrior 107

Over the years, the Prince Textream Warrior series is very famous amongst players of all ages. Its standard model is 100 square inches, but the 107 version is best for senior players who want a small bit more breathing room with their shots. The first thing that Prince does with this racquet is spread the weight out a small bit better.

Prince Textreme Warrior

It weighs pretty much similar to a standard model, but it comes with an important boost in head size. It can produce a small bit of power when it’s lacking if you are a senior player.

It’s a very quick racquet that allows players to generate power without having to do too much. It may be frustrating trying to generate power the ordinary person gets, but this does the best job of doing many the heavy lifting for players.

On the serve, the frame provides the best amount of stability that a person is able to count on. It feels very comfortable serving with this racquet, as it whips through rapidly and makes a player feel such as they’re hitting correctly.

Give it a try and see if it’s light sufficient for singles and doubles play. It’s small on the heavy side compared to some of the other choices, but it can come in handy for many players to have that more weight.


Good balance


Surprising power


A small too heavy for some players

Maneuverability is not the best


This is really a part II of the previous blog on tennis for seniors. I thought that without the correct tools no matter how much you practice you will not get the result that you want.

So I hope that these five examples will help you to choose the best racquet for you. I will suggest that you go to Amazon look for these tools and read the review of these tennis tools and maybe others too as well.

Go luck on your search!!



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