10 Best Natural Sleep Remedies

Given the percentage just below the majority of those of us, 65+ have a problem getting a good night’s sleep!. And we know how important it is for health and our lifestyle’s sake. So this article will give you several actionable steps to take to improve or to maintain healthy and restful sleep. Looking for … Read more

Over 50 Dating, It’s Never Too Late!!

Over 50 dates, it’s never too late. That’s right after “a certain age” and life experiences can change one’s perspective, I think the following quote is perfect! “Don’t look for a partner who is eye candy. Look for a partner who is soul food.”- Karen Salmansohn One needs to admit that love is more than … Read more

Core Strengthening Exercises for Back Pain

Your risk of disabling back pain gets worse with age. here, we have listed some core strengthening exercises for back pain to protect your spine and your life quality. Ask ten different people if they experience back pain and there’s high change nine of them will say yes. What’s true: According to a Mayo Clinic … Read more

Gut Health And The Immune System

GUT HEALTH AND THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Everyone is aware of the fact that to stay healthy, they need to eat healthy foods. but have you ever thought that how gut health is related to your overall health? If you are thinking about it now, then we can help you have a better understanding of your … Read more