Exercise and Longevity is There a Connection ?

I miss the time when I could scoop out ice cream without breaking a bone or two. It makes me wish there was more emphasis on exercise and longevity. But now, when I sneeze, I feel like I sprained two to three muscles, got hairline fractures in my bones, tore my ligaments, and nothing will go back to how it was.

The good news is; if we can’t stop it from happening, we can slow down the process of our bodies’ reduced functionality. This can occur if you have got the will and my secret that will surely add years to your life and improve your system.

I am sure the answer is not all that secretive, we all know how to increase years in our life, but if you don’t, then here you go. Let me reveal the secret to you.

EXERCISEsenior exercises


Yes, as simple as that. Well, not quite simple for those who never exercised in their lives. Nevertheless, exercise is the answer to all your deteriorating body mechanics. It is also the best way to live extra days and enjoy ice cream.

Exercise and longevity have a complicated relationship that we do not need to fathom. Still, we do need to consider its benefits.

How important is it to exercise?

It should not be surprising to learn that exercise actually does improve our physical health in so many ways that are unheard of. People of older age tend to think that once we cross the mark of 60, we haven’t got much in life to do to improve our health.

Nonetheless, this notion is not entirely correct. I mean, you grow old only when you think that you are old. Here is an example, I have crossed my 60s, but do I call myself old? No, I don’t, because I am still young in my head. I can always give my grandchildren a piggyback or even hold my wife up if I have to.

Thanks to the exercises I have been doing all my life, nothing fancy, though. Just some activities to keep me going. So, the entire point is that one must make exercise a part of their lives to still feel young and energetic at our age.

Exercise and longevity: What is the Link?


Multiple pieces of research prove that a modest amount of exercise each day extends your life significantly. This trick works for anyone regardless of their age or gender. In other words, if a person is obese, male or female, exercises have equal and the same benefits for all.

There is a question that may come to your mind at this point: What if a person has been living his life with deadly diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, or any other systemic diseases?

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. Apart from the dangers, such diseases impose on our health; a lot can change if a person starts exercising today. Plus, the symptoms and the development of these diseases may significantly reduce if exercise becomes a part of our daily lives.

Your chances of acquiring such problems are eliminated if you add exercise to your daily routine in the first place. Simultaneously, the chances of an individual dying early because of diabetes and heart problems are lesser than a person dying early due to lack of exercise.

In other words, whether or not one has a chronic illness, he might die early because he lived a sedentary lifestyle and did not exercise much.

It is frightening to see a young population suffering from illnesses because of the lifestyle that most have adapted today. In our times, we always played outside; our stomachs might have even digested a little amount of sand, and our body system got introduced to countless bacteria. Yet, here we are in a much better state than most youngsters today because they are living a sedentary lifestyle.

What Kind of Exercises are We Talking About?

Obviously, I am not suggesting to go for heavy exercises from today. Neither am I saying that you need an expensive gym membership just because you want to add extra days to your life.

I am trying to emphasize that any exercise that keeps you active and going should become a part of your daily life. Exercise and longevity are more about living a healthy life rather than living vigorously.

Something as simple as walking for an hour each day will help you notice several brilliant and positive changes in your body.

Your muscles will ache less, your weight will go down, your bones will become more robust, and the symptoms from any chronic disease will lessen. Also, honestly, these are all the things we need at this age.

Along with will power, we need muscle power to live an active life. Therefore, we need the energy that comes from exercising. The stamina we get from walking each day, and the feeling of happiness after a good jog because our bodies release what is called ‘happy hormones.’ it all becomes our dire need at our age.

What Did We Learn?

We need all this positive energy in our lives that we get from exercising daily because it helps strengthen us physically. It also helps keep us mentally at peace. Exercise and longevity are an undeniable combo that will help us live our lives in the best way, especially when we become old.

It is nothing less than an investment in ourselves during our youthful years or even now that will always have fruitful results without a doubt. Even though it takes a great deal of effort and tonnes of motivation and dedication, we must understand that it is for our good. Plus, it will prepare us to live our old age in a better way.


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