Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?

We humans have been stressing out about how to live lo and still stay young for most of it. is there a exercise and longevity is there a connection? We can’t prevent ourselves from aging but we can slow the process of course.

Agree or not, we all have had the moment when we saw our first gray hair on the head and freaked out a little. The stiffness or the cracking sound of the body, the wrinkles around your eyes, or any other sign is just your lack of care for your body. But that’s not how you identify aging.

Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?
Exercise is very important!

People often tend to calculate your age from the number of years you have lived. But the truth is quite surprising. Have you seen Jennifer Lopez lately? She is about to be 50 and she still looks younger than the women who are in their late 20’s.

It is not said jokingly that exercise and longevity are connected It is not the physical conditions you should be comparing. It is health that matters more than looks. And if you are healthy from inside, good health will automatically reflect on your skin too.

Factors like lifestyle, genes, stress, and free radicals results in different results in every human being. What are free radicals you may ask? These are the bad guys, as for aging and your body are concerned.

And it is not just women who are worried about living a long and healthy life, men worry about that too.

And not to get too techy here but what are “free radicals?” And I don’t mean some of the hippies back in the day(ha, ha!)  Even from day one of life, we are using oxygen to live.

This is the good guy in our story. And like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde our friend the oxygen molecule, Dr. Jekyll turns “evil” it divides into two separate atoms.

Now, these atoms, our Mr. Hyde are unpaired (free radicals) and they like to be paired up. They are “lonely” and now the real damage starts. They, the radical go all over your body looking for a “mate”. This all sounds a little romantic except that this “mating dance” damages the cells, proteins, and DNA which speeds our aging.

Habits Linked to Longer Life:

Many people around the world think that life expectancy is greatly determined by genetics. But there are lots of other factors that play a major role in figuring out your lifespan. So, if you think you can live your life as a junkie and still get old in a house with your grandkids then you are wrong my friend.

Yes, we agree that genes play a big role in the calculation but it turns out that the environmental factors and your habits also have a big say in it. So, here we are going to discuss some healthy lifestyle habits which are directly linked to longevity. Take a look and see if you are going to live as long as you expect or not!!

Avoid Overeating:

Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?
Be the guy of the right not on the left!

Yes, you heard right, no matter how much you workout, your calorie intake, and longevity is directly linked. Studies have suggested that a 10-50% reduction in the regular calorie intake in humans can increase their lifespan.

Over time more and more studies are done on human populations to observe the link between the extended lifespan and the low-calorie intake.

It also has a significant impact on the lower likelihood of diseases. Calorie restrictions can help you to reduce excess body and belly fat which is both associated with a shorter lifespan.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to live long term without calories. It will become unsustainable for you and it also has a negative side effect.

If you don’t consume enough calories, you will suffer from increased hunger, low body temperature and your sex drive will diminish to almost zero. So, you simply have to control your habit and limit your calorie intake.

Engage in Physical Activities:

Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?
Sweat a little live longer!

It is no surprise that exercise and longevity are connected. As long as you stay physically active, you will continue adding years to your life.

Just 15 minutes of exercise every single day will help you to get the benefit of an additional 3 years in your life. Now, think how much a 30-minute workout will add up!!

Exercise also decreases the risk of premature death by 4%. A recent review found out that the individuals who exercise daily have a 22% lower risk of early death. Even the small amounts of exercise can help you if you try out.

Avoid Bad Habits:

Smoking, drinking excessively or eating junk food more than you should are the habits you should be eliminating from your life as quickly as possible.

Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?
That looks delicious!!

People relate smoking and drinking with relief and junk food is simply an effort to avoid spending time in the kitchen. Well, you are not just avoiding time in the kitchen; you are reducing your life expectancy by 10 years.
Yes, my friend, you read it right. People who smoke more often are 3 times more likely to die a premature death. So, it is never late to quit habits like these.

Be More Conscientious:

No, we are not trying to intimidate you using heavy words; it is something you should be. Conscientiousness refers to a person’s ability to be organized, efficient goal-oriented, and self-disciplined.

Based on a study done on 1500 boys and girls into old age, the kids who were organized, persistent, and disciplined had 11% longer life expectancy than their counterparts.

These people have lower blood pressure and fewer issues to deal with in their regular life. As a result, there are fewer psychiatric problems along with a lower risk of diabetes, heart problem, and joint problems. Also, conscientious people are less likely to risk their life or have a negative reaction to a stressful situation.

It is not rocket science that successful people keep their life sorted to avoid unexpected issues. And leading a good life, being on time, sticking to your plan, all this seems like an appropriate way to live happily and longer.

Nurture Your Social Circle:

Researchers report that maintaining a social network can help you live 50% longer than you expect. Just having 3 social ties are enough to avoid an early death.

Studies have revealed that healthy social links make positive changes in human life. It affects the human heart, brain, hormones, and immune system too. So, overall, engaging in social activities is super healthy for you.

A strong circle will help you to avoid negative things in life, you will react less to stress, and might have other positive sides too. So, if you can be a helping hand to some lonely person then consider this fact that you are helping them to live long and happy.

Longevity may seem beyond your control but in reality, you can get fine like an old wine with age if you keep a healthy lifestyle. Drink coffee, exercise, get enough sleep, avoid smoking or excessive alcohol, and some other small things.

It is not said by mistake that exercise and longevity are the elixirs of life. The factors have medical proof and people are often advised by their doctors to focus on these things. Once you have control over these things, altogether you will boost your health and move ahead knowing that you are going to live a long life.

How certain we are about the relationship between exercise and longevity?

People often argue that why does exercise has been such a big thing for extending human life expectancy. But it is pretty clear if you look closely. Observational studies have shown us that higher physical activity levels are directly proportional to lower mortality risk. We don’t just hype it up that exercise and longevity are the elixirs of life, it is a proven fact.

Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?
They are having a great time together!

Based on epidemiological estimates, the world is facing a huge problem as the physical activities are declining at a faster rate. Technology is developing at a faster pace and it seems like scientists are trying to make us lazy.

But engaging in activities like jogging, hiking, yoga, or sports have an effect of a magnitude similar to the effect on the human body as of elimination of smoking or obesity from your life.

How can future research ensure that physical activity will lengthen the lifespan?

Exercise and Longevity : Is There a Connection?
A bet she exercises

Another question arises from the researches done on human lifestyle and habits, reveals that we have a long way to go to live a healthy life. We still lack conclusive data from the studies that are used to determine whether physical activities actually add up years in our life or not. But many types of research surely provide insight.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services did research in which they accounted for the factors that impact life expectancy. The department recommends that the adults age 18 to 64 must engage in some aerobic exercise at least 2.5 hours at a moderate intensity per week. The number of hours isn’t much considering the fact that there are 168 hours in a week. The researches accepted the benefits of low-level activities and think that it is s great way to improve your lifestyle as well as your lifespan.

Taking look at all these studies and researches, it can get pretty hard to ignore all the facts and truths you read here today. We are not asking you to trust us blindly and give up everything you like to eat, drink, and do for fun. We are simply asking you to keep everything in control.

You can never know when life can get out of control. But if there is a possibility that you can do something to live longer, then you should at least give it a chance. Don’t ignore the fact that exercise and longevity are the elixirs of life.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed and got some good actionable information that you can use to help you live better. Please add comments and or questions in the Comment section and share this and other articles on your Social Media with the link on the first page.

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