Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!

“One Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctors Away”

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!
A tasty apple!

Since we were kids, we’ve all been hearing about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables is essential for us. Including the common food items in your daily diet won’t do any harm but it will surely have a positive impact on your health.

They don’t just taste good, but they contain nutrients that are missing in other food items. You can get enough vitamins and minerals by eating fruits and vegetables regularly.

Your balanced diet can only get balanced when there are enough fruits and vegetables in it. As long as you want to stay healthy, it is important that add them to your diet. A healthy and fresh diet is significant if you want to lose weight and live a long and happy life.

What are the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables?
Every person wants to stay healthy and fit no matter what. But people are getting lazy and often eat junk food which is not good for health.

All doctors clearly state that fruits and veggies are necessary to maintain a healthy body. They are universal life preserver food items. It is usually said that the more the better. Any addition of fruits or vegetables in your diet would be an improvement in your diet.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for starters.

1: Anti-Aging Qualities:

There is no doubt that your skin reflects the inner you. As long as you are healthy inside, your skin will stay beautiful and vibrant.

That’s why, the skincare products often consist of fruits and vegetables like peach, apple, cucumber, tomato, etc. are used as an ingredient in the products. As our diet is packed with vitamins and minerals, our body will show the appreciation of the largest organ, i.e. skin.

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!
What you see you can be!

As you can see, fruits and vegetables are not only delicious but have a far greater significance. You can only put so much lotion and cream on your skin. But when you are healthy from inside, there will be no need to stress out about outer beauty.

2: Cardiovascular Health:

A diet plan rich in fruits and veggies significantly lowers the risk of heart issues. The potassium found in bananas helps to maintain blood pressure. The dietary fiber found in vegetable assists in lowering the cholesterol level in your blood ultimately reducing the risk of heart failure.

The amount of consumption of fruits and veggies makes a big difference in the rate of developing any cardiovascular disease. In several studies, it is proven that people who ate less than 1.5 servings of fruits and vegetables were more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!
A basket full of goodness!

Even the percentage difference was alarming. The people who ate an average of eight or more serving have 30% lower chances of suffering from these diseases.

Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and vegetables like broccoli, mustard greens, cabbage, etc. are most likely to keep your cardiovascular health intact.

3: Lower Risk of Cancer:

Nowadays, 2 out of 5 people are suffering from some kind of cancer. And the number is increasing day by day due to unhealthy habits. But we can stop this. Studies have shown that fruits and veggies help to reduce the risk of several cancers. Veggies like bok choy, cabbage, broccoli, and almost every fruit can provide you the extra layer of protection against cancer. Research is often conducted by Health Professionals to make sure that the benefits of having a good diet are proved so that people can adopt it. Even the lycopene, a very potent form of antioxidant, found in tomatoes protects a person from developing prostate cancer.

4: Improved Vision:

Walking out in a park or road, you will see a lot of people wearing glasses because they have vision problems. The main reason for the loss of vision is the lack of a healthy diet. You must have heard that green leafy vegetables are super beneficial for eyes. Well, it is true.

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!
The classic eye chart

If you want to prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, or other vision-related problems, you should start including fruits and veggies in your diet right away.

A study by “Archives of Ophthalmology” found out that lutein and zeaxanthin present in the food items are responsible for the positive effects on eye health. And it turns out that green veggies and fruits are full of it.

5: Reduce the Risk of Diabetes:

Diabetes has become a very common problem in today’s generation. People eat and don’t exercise which leads to obesity and almost 90% of obese people have diabetes too. If you love green leafy vegetables, then you might be able to avoid the risk of having diabetes. Otherwise, you will fall short in the protection against it. it found that more than 29 million people in America have diabetes.

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!
From fat to fit!

So, if you want to prevent yourself from suffering, consider adding green vegetables and berries in your diet as it reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

6: Better Digestive Health:

The fiber content in all fruits and vegetables helps to keep the digestive system up and running properly. A fiber-rich diet with plenty of water is essential to maintain the digestive system intact and avoid constipation.
Your health is in your hands; so, make sure that you living a healthy lifestyle.

Popular Fruits and Veggies You Should Eat To Stay Healthy:

We have created a close to perfect list of fruits and vegetables that you should be having in your daily schedule. Take a look and you can always add your own touch of health in the meals.

Fruits are sweet, fleshy, and edible parts of the plants. They are usually eaten raw which makes them perfect for fast meals. With the amazing taste and colors, they obviously are a vital part of a healthy diet.


Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!Cherr
Cherries, the classic summer fruit!

Citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange, lime, mandarins
Stone Fruits like apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines
Tropical and Exotic fruits like mangoes and bananas
Berries include raspberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit, passion fruit, blueberries, etc.

Melons like watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew melon
Tomatoes and avocados

We all know that vegetables come in so many varieties that it is hard to remember all their names. So, let’s take a look at the common ones:
Leafy vegetables like lettuce, silverbeet, spinach
Cruciferous like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables: Our Mothers Were Right!
Pumpkins are not just for Halloween!

Marrows like zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber. By the way when I across that word, “marrows’. It was like, what the hell is that? So “marrows” is a British word meaning a white-fleshed green-skinned gourd, which is eaten as a vegetable.

Root like potato, sweet potato, yam, etc.Edible plant stem-like celery and Asparagus Alliums like onion, garlic, shallot, etc. Fresh beans and peas

Recommended Quantity for Fruits and Vegetable Servings:

Over the decades, nutritionists and scientists have recommended that eating five, seven, or 10 servings of fruits and vegetables will be ideal for optimal health. But several studies oppose this guideline as they say that it is the quality that matters not the quantity.

A seven-year-long study has proven that people who ate 4 servings a day have a 22% lower mortality rate as compared to the ones who ate one serving a day. When the quantity is further increased, the mortality rate stayed the same.

Therefore, it can be said that four servings of fresh fruits and vegetables would be enough for good health. As for the weight, 400 to 800 grams in one serving would be enough to achieve the health benefits.

How to maintain the perfect balance of eating Fruits and Vegetables?

Fruits and vegetables are nature’s way to protect us. Nature has already given us the fat-free foods and it is up to us whether we adopt it. Here are some simple ways to cut out the extra calories that you’ve been taking throughout the day.

Start with Right Breakfast:

Wake up and start your day with healthy spinach, onions, or mushrooms toppings for your eggs. The vegetables will add volume to the meal along with flavor and you will consume fewer calories.

Cut the amount of cereal that you used to eat and make room for fruits like banana, peach, strawberries, etc. This will be the perfect bowl of health you need to eat with fewer calories.

Light Up With Lunch:

When it’s time to have lunch, consider using the veggies and fruits as a substitute. Add lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or cucumbers with 2 ounces of meat and cheese. Make a sandwich, wrap, or burrito out of it and your lunch will taste better and consist of fewer amounts of calories.

You can also think about a different meal like adding chopped vegetables such as carrots, beans, red peppers, broccoli, etc. in the broth-based soup. The veggies will fill your tummy and you will get all the benefits you need without the extra calories. It is a healthy replacement for noodles or meat.

Perfect Dinner:

Add chopped vegetables like broccoli, tomatoes, squash, peppers, or onions in your dinner and remove the 1 cup of rice or pasta that you used to eat. The dish with vegetables will be satisfying and you will stay healthy.

Take a good look at your dinner place. If you notice that colors are missing from the dinner, it is time to replace the old meat, cheese, and pasta with legumes, asparagus, greens, broccoli, or any other vegetable that you like. Don’t make the meal a complete platter. Don’t forget to add some fruits to have the sweet and savory taste in your meal.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

When it comes to snacks, nothing can beat fruits. A medium-sized apple, banana, green beans, blueberries, grapes, carrots, and any of your favorite fruit will fit right into the snack category.

Final Thoughts

So I don’t think that I have imparted any mind-blowing wisdom on this post, just common sense. What I hoped to do with this blog is to remind my dear readers as well as myself why a diet with much more fruits and vegetables is vital to maintain a good quality of life.

Like I said in the title our mother told all of those wise words. I remember my mother, distinctly telling me”Charles eat your vegetables.” In fact, in my group of friends, I was the only one who actually said that they liked vegetables. I especially liked the salads. green peas and the bane of kids back in the 50′ and 60’s I really liked spinach. And not because of Popeye. Although I would watch his cartoons after school I just liked them. None of my friends could stand them.

Looking back my mother most have introduced me vegetables to me at a very young age and therefore I never l”learned” to not like vegetables!!!

Please feel to post comments I love to hear from my dear readers. And if you see an article that is interesting add it to social media with clickable buttons.

Have a wonderful day, And remember to “Live Long and Flourish”



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