Over 50 dating, it’s never too late. If you thought yes, then you’re mistaken.

I came across a love quote that says it all:

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give–which is everything.”

–Katharine Hepburn

I will be 69 this year, and only in the last two years have I learn what love, real love is. Ms. Hepburn’s quote says it all. This was not with another person but really looking within and finding out who “Charles” really was. Once I did that, the rest was fairly easy.

So I hope for all of you “hopelessly” romantics out there, and I count myself in that group. I hope that that this post gives all you out there hope to think it’s all over. I can tell you that it is far from all over.

I hope you enjoy and get some practical ideas that can spark off some “spicy” ideas.



So let’s explore that most mysterious but so essential to never-ending happiness, love.

Aging might limit you from enjoying to the fullest what you have been enjoying right from your prime but, it shouldn’t be a factor to stop you from still doing what will keep you happy. “Age is a number and not a barrier.”

Loving and been loved back is something that brings happiness to one’s mind. Love makes the soul feel young and makes the heart pure over again; for these reasons dating shouldn’t be affected by age because dating is the process of loving and being loved.

So, it’s never too late to date over the age of 50. Having lived over many decades in life, you must have experienced some ups and downs, good and bad moments, happy and sad times with your partner.

However, in just a blink of an eye, all the moment becomes a dream or looked like a fantasy all because of the sudden death of one’s soul mate, because of the love you have for them, you can’t forget he/she quickly dating again become a mountain to climb.

You continue to age, but when you’ve seemed to have moved on, you realized you’re over 50, and dating seemed too late. Hey friend! It is never too late. You’ve lost a soul mate, but you can still find a soul friend, a soul food, a soul match to live the remaining of your lives.

Worldwide, many men and women remain single due to divorce, a partner’s demise, or still single at 50. The euphoria of dating is beyond comprehension because it is one essential part of living. So, open your arms and embrace the heart (Taoheed 2021).

Don’t Make Excuses, Ladies, and Gentlemen.


Ladies and gentlemen, Don’t make excuses, excuses for how you look, what he/she will think of you, excuses about your body shape, etc. Be bold and confident, and do not compare your body to a teenager or an adolescent.

Be yourself, be real and positive, and take control of your thinking, so that you won’t be a prisoner of your consideration.

Don’t procrastinate until the last day of your life, when it will now become too late. That will only make you regret it. So, the time is now. Make no excuses, folks.

Ladies, Let Him Call You

let him contact you

Real men know well what they want from you while dating. Don’t fake your personality; let him make the first move, wait for his call, then take the initiative.

Some men are players dressed in suits or coats. Fully aware of what they need, but your personality can make them love you entirely.

While still searching for a date, the first impression doesn’t matter because people cover their habits till some period when you must have fallen in love completely with them.

Then, escaping heartbroken might seem difficult. I am not asking you to be judgemental; I am only telling you to look out and be cautious of who you’re planning on dating.

Get A New Hobby


As I’ve said, “age is not a barrier, but just a number” being over 50 shouldn’t stop you from getting a new hobby. Taking up a new hobby will keep you busy and occupied and support your mental functioning and pause it from aging fastly.

A new hobby can permit you to meet people who share things in common with you, your age group people, and folks you can be-friend.

I was a person, I took up writing about life and people living in it, when I go online I meet people who do the same thing as I, then we talk and gist about us sometimes we do video calls and now we’re very good to each other.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

There are many misconceptions about dating; one of them is dating someone of the same characteristics as oneself.

Like an intellectual favoring another intelligent person over the less intelligent ones or an introvert dating an introvert. This will be less fun, and your life might be missing a spice; it might not work out and ends in both parties separating.

If you are nerdy, try to step out of your comfort zone and date an extrovert and fun-loving person who always has the time to show you love and affection. These people aren’t boring because they want to explore the world with the people they love.

Never Take Rejection to Heart


Rejection is a normal thing to experience while dating, but the critical aspect is not getting weighed down by the feeling of sacrifice.

I understand that getting rejected is difficult for you, but it is essential not to take it to heart.

Let go of someone who wants to go; that is because they were never meant for you. Those that are meant to stay will knock on your door again.

Speaking to you as a person who has got rejected by many ladies in the past, I found it difficult to sleep; I kept calling without replies. I kept thinking, and before you know, my health deteriorated over the period.

That’s because I took it to heart, and now that I have let go, I have summoned my wit, and other ladies came my way, and I took my time to select the right one for me.

Don’t Get Into Sex Until You’re 1

Communication is very salient in any form of relationship. Having sex with your partner is not something wrong it is a form of intimacy that makes the relationship stronger and bolder.

But, do not be forced into physical intimacy if you aren’t ready for it.

It is expected and mature of you and your partner to talk openly about things like sex intimacy. If you think you’re safe enough with him to have free sex or safe sex, let him know if he understands you, he will respect your decision. If otherwise, let him out of your life.

Get in Touch With an Old Crush

old flame

In the past, everyone has got one or two crushes either on school days or in occupation.

Keeping in touch with your old passion becomes the next thing to do if you remain single because they might also be single or experience relationship turmoil on their part.

Getting in touch with oldies is always a good idea because it brings back the right time of being together when at tender ages. It makes you form the right social circles.

Patience Is The Keypatience

If going by the experiences of rejection or broken heart, you tend to lose patience in another relationship coming your way. Having patience is the key to strengthening and building trust in relationships.

You have to be an excellent listener to avoid misjudgment of your partner. You also have to be an intelligent speaker to prevent annoying your partner.

Patience and an open heart with your partner are vital to creating a bond and a positive vibe. Be patient, friends.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you pulled out some workable information that you can use to make your life easier and more productive I would very much love to start a discussion on this topic, so if you have any questions, thoughts, comments, etc, please add them in the “Comment Section.”

Final Note

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