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Boy, could I have used a natural cure for pain! Let me tell you a story. I remember the worse pain I have ever experienced. About 25 years ago, when I slept on a sofa very incorrectly, that caused me to sleep with my neck at a very sharp angle. I woke up with extreme … Read more


Seniors! what a lovely time for brain games activities. What are the “Best brain games for seniors”? For the past nine (9) months, our world has changed drastically. Centers for seniors are closed, gyms are either having limited hours for operation or are not opening, outdoor sporting events, concert, the festival has been canceled. These … Read more

12 Best Energy Foods for Seniors

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Some specific foods boost the energy levels of seniors. We will be looking at the 12 best energy foods for seniors. These foods help seniors maintain good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The food will help you anytime you feel down or have a lack of energy. A lack of energy would affect your … Read more

The Best Natural Sleep Remedies

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Many natural remedies help anybody who is finding it hard to sleep. I will be examining some of the best natural sleep remedies.  Getting a reasonable amount of sleep is quite important for our health. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your brain functions like memory, decision-making, learning, etc. Insufficient sleep will increase … Read more

Awesome and Fantastic Condos for Seniors

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It is not news that as we get older, we tend to adjust our activities to live a simpler lifestyle. Independent living is a form of housing arrangement that is built, especially for seniors. The houses are designed to make life easier and comfortable for seniors. Seniors will find it easier to navigate, as the … Read more