Top 10 Countries to Retire In

You are wondering where you should spend your retirement days, which are the best countries to live happily and safely. We have some List of top 10 countries to retire in. We spend our lives working on getting quality of life.

Because it depends on us how we would upgrade our life, it takes a lot of hard work. We have to sacrifice a lot of things. We don’t even think of our tiredness.

But after this hard work, we deserve to have better retirement incentives. When we grow old, we want to have comforts i,n our lives. Some countries offer the best incentives for retirement.

They value their employees and, offer the best services after retirement. In t,his article, we will enlist the Top 10 countries to retire in. Let’s read the article and gain some knowledge.

1. France:


France is the most beautiful country. It has the best visitor places and attractive traditions and culture. A country having n is

atural beauty. France is way better than the US in terms of living

Because the lifestyle of the USA is expensive and everyone can’t afford it. On the other hand, France offers all the high-quality services for living 4% lesser than the USA.

They have the best health care system, affordable homes to live in. If you want to enjoy health, comfort, and a lavish lifestyle then you, should enjoy it all in France.

2. Spain:


Spain is not a cheaper country to live but sti,ll, it is less expensive than many other European countries. The average cost of living in Spain, according to statistics it is 24.88% lower than the USA.

If you would buy a one-bedroom apartment in Spain it woul,d cost you about $297.81 per sq. They have a better health care system, especially for retirees. Their healthcare system is well developed. They have tried to build everything on high quality to meet the best standards of living.

3. Italy:


Italy is undergoing yet another revival and is one of the world’s best places to retire. But they’re not just elderly citizens looking to move to Italy.

Some corners of Italy may be among the best bargains in Europe. If you are searching for beauty from the old world at an affordable price, then Italy should be at the top of your list.

Approximately one-third of Italians speak English. Italy’s health care ranks amongst the world’s highest. Citizens and residents are provided free or low-rate access to their National Health Service.

4. Portugal:

Portugal 1

The people who retire in Portugal would live an extraordinary life after retirement. Because in Portugal the average cost of as less as 30,83 percent lower than in the USA, according to some statistics it is, lowest at 38% in comparison to other countries.

When we talk about house renting, then it is 46.04 percent lower rent in Portugal than to the USA for one bedroom.

If you want to live in the middle of the city at the elite place, then the average apartment rental in Portugal would cost you about $687.64 per month.

People who are looking to purchase an apartment for them in the center of town would just pay about $273.04 per square foot. Portugal is considered to be an exceptionally peaceful country to live in and visit.

The U.S. Department of State issues a “Class 1” Travel Advisory to Portugal, urging tourists to travel.

5. Panama:


Panama is the best country to retire in because it is the cheapest country to buy a home. Even in its capital, you can rent a house for as little as $1,500 a month.

It is also the only Central American First World city. Panama is comparatively close to the USA and Canada. Panama offers retirees the best of both worlds.

Locals of Panama have a great reputation for being polite and welcoming people. The best thing is, it’s extremely affordable from a cost-of-living perspective.

If we compare Panama to the USA, everything would be cheaper to the USA, including everything from household to fashion, food, which are around 46 percent lower.

6. Mexico:



Mexico is one of the most desired retirement destinations in the world. Mexico’s average cost of living is about 49.54 percent lower than the U.S.

In Mexico, rent is 71.37 percent lower than in the U.S., according to Numbeo. A one-bedroom, city center apartment rental in Mexico has an average cost of $340.69 per month.

Mexico is a modern country having all the necessary facilities of high quality

In Mexico, retirees should get plenty of bangs for their buck. Number estimates that in this South American country the, average cost of living is 58.56 percent lower than in the U.S.

In Mexico, rent is 76.99 percent lower than in the U.S., according to Numbeo. The average rental cost in Mexico for a one-bedroom, city center apartment is $288.72 a month.

You can the apartment is around $123.83 per square foot. If you want to shift to Mexico after retirement, then it is very easy. They give comfort to retirees to get a visa and live in Mexico.

7. Malaysia:


Malaysia is a great country to live after getting your retirement. The overall cost of living in Malaysia, according to Numbeo, is 45.54 percent lower than in the U.S. Numbeo reports that rent is 72.81 percent lower in Malaysia than in the U.S.

The average rental cost in Malaysia for a one-bedroom, city center apartment is $364.89 a month. If you want to get the apartment in Malaysia, then it would cost you about $200.86 per square foot. Malaysia is the safest country to live in.

8. Vietnam: Vietnam

Vietnam is an excellent country for retirees because they find it inexpensive. According to the statistics, Vietnam is 46% lesser than the USA in the cost of living.

If we talk about renting, then Vietnam is 66% cheaper than in the USA. So, now you can compare how much cheap it would cost you to live in Vietnam.i

A one-bedroom, city center rental apartment in Vietnam averages $394.81 a month. This brings high-quality hospitals, decent roads, and modern conveniences to a country less than 30 years ago which was one of the world’s poorest countries.

9. EcuadorEcuador

Ecuador is a small but beautiful country with modernized terms. This country is better known for it climate. It has the best weather, you can enjoy it there. This country is offering low-cost living areas.

You can rent a house for as low as $1600 a month. They have good healthcare facilities and they also give extra care to older people. They are best known for their excellent behavior with foreigners.

You can enjoy the North American lifestyle there because it is near to North America. Get there and be relax there with excellent weather.

10. Costa Rica:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica also is known as the Switzerland of Central America. This country is a low-cost country with a top-notch living style. They offer great educational and health services.

This country is more intellectual because they consider everything important. They are more concerned about education, health, and individual rights.

This is the first country that respects every kind of people they accepted the LGBT and gives respect to them. This country is a beautiful and low cost, you can get a home for $1500-$2000 a month. They provide all the facilities unaffordable rates. You would never regret going there.


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