Top 8 Golf Tips for Seniors

Hi, guys here are 8 golf tips for seniors. Because golf is a great sport for keeping you young. It is a relatively low effect, the low-injury game that you can play alone or in a group, in a league or a tight-knit foursome or your spouse. It is accessible for people who might have mobility problems, and for seniors looking to be more active

It is a perfect way to spend time outdoors getting the blood flowing. Golfing has shown to have mental advantages, as the issue-solving involved in the golf plan activates your frontal cortex and increases blood flow to your brain.

There is no feeling quite such as the endorphin rush that accompanies a long birdie putt dropping into the hole. Golf and some other recreational activities are helpful to distress.

Whether you are a long-time golfer looking to maintain your level of play and a recent retiree who is just taking up the game later in life, conventional golf wisdom cannot apply to your condition. Stiff backs and joints that are not as spry as they used to be, can limit your hip and shoulder rotations.

As you get older, your swing speed will possibly slow down and you will need to make adjustments. Much such as a power pitcher who learns to be cagier and location-based later in their career, such as Pedro Martinez, senior golfers can make few basic changes to improve their game and keep scores low.

Bend Your Arm

Bent Arm
Golf Bent Arm

One lesson that is been drilled into young golfers since time immemorial is keeping your left arm straight. And for the better reason, the left arm staying straight keeps your hands higher and helps drop the club into the slot on the downswing with few moving parts.

As you get older, keeping your arm straight through the backswing becomes abbreviated, reducing clubhead speed.

As your backswing gets shorter, try bending your left elbow (or right elbow, if you play left-handed) to help lengthen your swing and generate more rotational energy on the downswing. This works not on regular full-swing shots, but on sand shots.

Several seniors have trouble generating the clubhead speed needed to splash the ball out of the sand, so a small band of the elbow will help raise the centrifugal force of the clubhead and offer that more speed you need.

Play the Proper Tees

Golf Tee
Golf Tees

This actually applies to everyone, but seniors particularly. So frequently, the best players ruin their scores and their moods by playing from the wrong tees.

Golf course architects design landing places for certain yardages, so if you aren’t able to hit those landing spots from the back tees, you should try moving up a tee box or three.

You should be hitting a similar club as a scratch golfer hits on par 3s, so if they are hitting a 9-iron from 155, you should be playing a 105 tee where you are hitting a 9-iron. Golf’s recent Tee It Forward campaign focused on the fact that there is no shame playing from the forward tees because it makes the game more fun.

The most fun, stirring part of golf is standing over a birdie putt and watching it go in. If you are playing from tees that are too far away to hit the green in regulation, you are cheating yourself from that feeling.

Try a Long Putter

long putter
Long putter

As you age, you can notice a slight loss of fine motor control. While that does not affect your full swing as much due to the rotational force of the clubhead, it can wreak havoc on your putting.

So, what if the USGA says that anchoring your putter is against the rules?

Unless you are playing in tournaments, there is nothing stopping you from trying out a belly putter or a broomstick that you anchor to your chest. It will low your scores and make the game more fun.

Use technology to your advantage

There are few perfect technologies out there that can help golfers play for longer. You can use a buggy if you’ve problems walking about the course, or an electric trolley if you need to preserve your energy for swinging.

A buggy is particularly handy if you are playing on a hilly course, and a trolley is ideal if you are playing in wet weather and need somewhere to store your waterproofs and towels. You can carry as many tools as you want with you. This technology has existed since I was playing and it is improving all the time.

Choose your clubs carefully

Golf Clubs
Golf Clubs

Today, the pros score highly because the shafts are tailored to their game. Senior golfers can take benefits of this development by customizing their clubs.

They can get their clubs fitted by a professional, who will find the weight and shaft to suit their game.

There’re senior shafts out there. Senior golfers should use hybrids right up to even a five and six iron, instead of using a long iron.

The advent of titanium shaft clubs is a massive development in golf. Titanium shaft clubs allow you to make a large head, which helps you tee it up higher.

You cannot make a head that size in my day, because the clubs were made of wood and you could barely lift it. Now, when you drive, the ball’s up in the air to start with. You do not have to get it up in the air anymore and that is a large bonus for senior golfers.

Find the ball to suit your game

The Golf Ball
The Golf Ball

Once you have got the right club for your game, you can begin experimenting with different golf balls. You will not use the same ball Dustin Johnson or Rory McIlroy will use, but your game will benefit from this.

You’ve got to use a ball that you can compress to avoid higher compression balls with a rating of 100 or higher. Senior golfers should use a lower compression ball with a rating of between 70 and 80. It will make a large difference to their distance.

Work on your grip

Golf grip
Golf grip

You should never underestimate the essentials of a grip in improving your distance. The benefits concentrate a lot on their grip and they take it seriously. By contrast, I have frequently felt that amateur golfers take their grip for granted, and their distances suffer as a result.

Your grip should be in the roots of your fingers of both hands as much as possible. It should never spread to the palm of your hands, otherwise, you will lose the flexibility in your wrists.

Practice your aim and alignment


This’s another area that I do not feel enough golfers pay attention to, but your aim and alignment are important in increasing your distance off the tee. I’d advise all senior golfers to take an alignment stick with them to optimize their aim.

This will help them find the all essential angle of attack. Put down the alignment sticks and align your feet slightly to the left of your target. Try to mirror the spine angle in the ground as you address the ball.

Your posture is essential. Remember the basics stand as tall as you can to the ball and bend over from the waist. Think about the turn as well the turn should be clear on the right side and the backswing.


So there you have it. Golf can be a great way to stay in shape and to keep your body flexible, I have given a very good overview of what one needs to get started or to improve their game’

I fact I may take up the game myself!! We will see!


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