Sudden Weight Loss

Weight loss can be intentional or unintentional. It may be intentional by/from your diets or daily exercising, and it can as well be unintentional may be due to illness such as cancer or diabetes. Weight loss can be a manifestation of the decrease in your body fats or fluid.

In some cases or conditions, weight loss is normal; for pregnant women who just delivered, you’ll lose weight after pregnancy. What will discuss other causes of weight loss later on in this article?

At some point in time, seniors tend to lose weight as they age. This might be regular and part of aging; in another case, it is a warning of serious health danger.

Weight loss in seniors specifically can be unintentional, notably due to your loss of appetite, which can limit your daily intake of balanced diets. Loss of appetite is common among seniors 60 or above, as they tend to take a small amount of food.

However, I will discuss some health consequences of weight loss in seniors, causes, signs, symptoms, etc.

Health Consequences of Weight Loss and Seniors

The consequences that accompany the weight loss in elders ranged from being mild to being severe; these results limit the abilities to perform normal day-to-day activities in you.

Loss of ability in performing daily activities like dressings, bathing, and any other activities of living. Frequently feeling exhausted like fatigue or tiredness and weakness. Cognitive disorder got worsen and unstable moods.

Diseases and Infections.

As a result, seniors become dependent, and you might need long-term care from others, maybe through assisted living facilities.

Causes of Unintentional Weight Loss and Seniors

Weight loss in seniors is hardly revealed or not easy to discover; it is at a most unintentional loss in weight caused by underlying health condition. So, if you as a family member noticed any sign of weight loss in your elder at home or in you as well, it will be wise not to ignore it. Below are some of the causes of these unintentional weight loss in seniors;



This is a medical condition that arises in us as a lack of insulin; when you have diabetes, you produce urine a lot and feel very thirsty. So, naturally, you are in to lose some weight unintentionally.


This a serious medical condition or disease; it is a situation whereby growth in abnormal cells kills the normal body cells.

Cancer has been a fatal disease as it has killed countless numbers of people in the past. But, it causes some other discomfort like weight loss and loss of appetite if it does not kill.

Dementia: dementia

It is a malfunction in cognitive abilities due to damage or disease in one’s brain beyond what might be expected from the normal aging process. This setback can lead to changes in normal eating habits.

Depression:  depression

When depression sets in for you, you stand the risk of losing appetite, which in turn makes you lose weight.



Hyperthyroidism accelerates your body’s metabolism; this might make the liver and kidney overwork, exposing you to weight loss at some point that might be unknown to you.

Gastrointestinal Issues:


When you have a problem with your stomach, intestine, or digestion, then malnutrition might be the next occurrence.

Weight Loss and Seniors

Naturally, losing weight? Don’t panic! But, be observant by doing some check-ups from time to time. For the elders, it is normal you lose some weight on getting to 60 years of age though in the small amount due.

Generally speaking, seniors who are 60 and above are understood to lose little weight compared to others. When these weight losses come in a greater amount, it becomes notably significant that you don’t have to consider it a normal part of aging.

Symptoms and Signs

Appetite loss

Fatigue or tiredness

Weakness of the body

Benefits of Doing a Checkup on Weight Loss in Seniors

Early diagnosis leads to early detection, which attracts quick actions, which can be key to improving your health’s condition or your loved ones. Therefore, at the sight of unhealthy weight loss, try to see a physician.

Checkup or taking an exam may help you uncover and eliminate potential causes. Most especially when cancer is the disease, treating it at its early stage can be life-saving.

A high increase in mobility can be ascertained, as more movement tends to make you independent of others for help.

Chances of a heart attack reduce as well as having a stroke. When there are no traces of any heart disease, there tends to be good circulation of blood in your immune system.

Benefits of Normal Weight Loss

Lower risk of cancer

Lower risks of inflammation.

Lower risk of diabetes

Weight loss helps to reduce the risk accompanied by having diabetes in seniors.

End Words

In conclusion, weight loss and seniors are normal and part of the aging process, but you need to pay attention to it when it becomes significant, and how do you know? That’s when it’s leading to ailments.

However, excess weight loss is an underlying medical condition that the body system tries to signal abnormalities to you.

Weight loss can be intentional but, in most cases be unintentional, maybe due to some chronic disease or malnutrition.

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