What are The Top 10 Dogs for Seniors? Dogs are the best friends of man. I would guess that a good percentage of you had a dog or two as a youngster and have great memories of the love you received from that ball of fur and how all they want is to give you love. Do you remember when your dog died and how bad that felt?

That feeling you got from “back in the day” is still there to be tapped now as a senior and maybe more so because with age has come the awareness of just how precious and rare that little animal is. Being a senior does not limit you from enjoying and keeping a canine company.

Dog’s companionship is no match to any other pets, and even a few amongst the human race can match their affections to you.
In their findings, science let us know that owning a dog lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Your mental health also stands a chance to improve as the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain got raised. Research even proved that seniors who take care of pets tend to take more care of themselves. Dogs like seniors because they are always at home and have much time of the day to devote to their pets. So, get a companion, get a dog.

If you have considered owning a dog, have you thought of buying one of the world’s top dogs? Yes or no. Let me help you in choosing one of the top dogs in the universe by making some suggestions.
What are the top 10 dogs for seniors like you?


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu topped my list for having some quality. Are you in search of a gentle and affectionate dog that thrives on love? If yes, then get the Shih Tzu dogs. Are you looking for a sturdy dog that is up for a daily walk?

Shih Tzu is sturdier than they look, and it is ready for a walk as long as you are willing to go. Shih Tzu’s meaning is a little lion, but the purpose does not add up to its name’s nature as they are not as fierce as their name.

Lastly, are you in search of a lover? Shih Tzu is neither a hunter nor a fighter; they are lovers bred singularly to be friends and companions. They are alert and lively, happy, and affectionate outgoing dogs.

2. BICHON FRISE                            Bichon Fries

Bichon Frise is here for you to toy with. This is a cheerful small in nature dog, with a lot of mischief and love to give to you. They look like a baby’s toy.

They can be your happiest enthusiastic companion.
Bichon Frise is super actively playful with an intelligent mind, they will demand from you plenty of playtime and activity, and it cares less about being left alone at home for a more extended period.



Just like the Bichon Frise, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most gigantic toys like breeds; they are born and bred to be a companion to folks all over the world.

They are friendly and mostly sit on laps, getting a belly rub from their owner. Suppose you are looking for a companion in a dog that can adapt to your lifestyle. Why not go for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.



The French bulldog is also known as Frenchie, a happy and cheerful dog of all breeds. Their compact, muscular, and activeness is second to none.

So, it’s nearly impossible to be sad around a Frenchie. They have a great deal of energy through French Bull Dog lack endurance. You, therefore, need to moderate daily exercise for this kind of breed.



Grey Hound is a racing dog; you may think or ask, “how can a racing dog be suitable for seniors? Albeit, they are racing dogs, but they lack the high-energy you thought highly of them to have.

They enjoy daily work and the chance to run about, this habit made them suitable for you.



Maltese is another toy group of the breed. Looking for a gentle and fearless dog breed? They look like haughty nobility in their glamorous white coat.

Why do you need a Maltese dog? They are not just a companion but also a therapy dog and competitive sport dog for agility, obedience, rally, and tracking. All in all, they love to be with people. They are straightforward to train.




Searching for a small to medium dog breed that makes a great companion? Then you have found one in Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Corgis are lovely, fairly, smart, and easy to train breeds.

Their short little legs make them quite adorable. They would demand some routine exercise from you but walking daily will mostly be enough. The Corgi is a fox lookalike.

8. Pomeranian


Pomeranian is one of the tiniest and smallest dogs I have come across; they are straightforward to handle. They can be pocketed and carried in your bag to any outing, including your office.

They mostly sit on people’s laps or play with toys. You can play with them all day long as they will love you to be their companion.

9. Poodle


Poodle! Poodle! That name sounds cool, right? Just as cool as its name sound, Poodle is very cool to be with, and it is the best amongst its kind. The Poodle is one of the smartest, if not the most intelligent dog out there, and it is the most popular of all dog breeds.

Are you thinking of what benefit poodle will be to you? They are loyal, affectionate, and smart companion. It learns fastly and adapts smartly to all kinds of households. Most Poodles need just an introductory daily walk. They are straightforward to care for.



“Westies,” as some people would call them by their Nicky. Westie is a peaceful breed. Very small and tiny but not as fragile as Pomeranian or Maltese.

They require some grooming but not as any other dogs. They are generally friendly and need relatively low maintenance on their part.

The top ten (10) dogs around the world are the ones I have suggested or mentioned above, each of which of their uniqueness though, they shared one quality in common: serving man as a companion.

In Closing:

So as you can see for those of you who would like a pet doggie the breeds above are a good place to start your research. This article was not meant to be exhaustive but a good jumping-off point for more to learn about the subject.

Also, here is a link to the history of dogs and how dogs evolved from the wolves, and how while Man may have helped shape the wolf’s development. The dog may have had a very profound impact on Man’s evolution as well.

I thought this would be an interesting tidbit to add to the topic.


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