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It is not news that as we get older, we tend to adjust our activities to live a simpler lifestyle. Independent living is a form of housing arrangement that is built, especially for seniors.

The houses are designed to make life easier and comfortable for seniors. Seniors will find it easier to navigate, as the houses are built to have very accessible houses varying from apartments to freestanding homes.

Independent living is for seniors who have no problems living independently and want a taste of communal living with other people of the same age group.

It has been proven that this kind of housing arrangement with a community of people of age positively benefits seniors and contributes to them having active aging.

There are different examples of independent living facilities, also known as active living communities. An example is the Origin of active living communities. In these communities, the residents, which are mostly seniors, live a very independent life.

The communities offer all services like laundry services, basic housekeeping services, amenities, and different activities.

The communities provide recreational centers such as clubhouses where seniors can meet and participate in community activities like arts and crafts, movies at night, and educational classes.

There are also beauty spas and barber salons; the community provides facilities like fitness centers, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools. Independent living communities also offer daily meals and a lot of other services.

The communities are basically for seniors can go on with daily activities without external help, as most independent living communities don’t offer medical services. In any case, you need medical care. You will need to get them yourself.

Independent living is also popularly known as retirement communities, seniors co-housing, congregate care, active adult communities, 55+ or 62+ communities.

The Different Types of independent Living

Independent living communities vary in type depending on the different services they offer, price range, and the different kinds of housing.

The Low-Cost or Subsidized Senior Housing

Independent Living Facility

The first housing one we will be examining is low-cost or subsidized senior housing. This is the kind that is developed for low-income seniors and is mostly designed by the government.

A good example is the senior housing complexes developed in the United States by the U.S department of housing and urban development. They don’t cost much as many of the services are subsidized, and they also offer a lot of services like other senior housing types.

Retirement Homes/Retirement Communities

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The retirement communities are a group of housing units designed for seniors. It often has an age limit of 55 to 62 years. These houses are of different types ranging from duplexes to single-family houses to mobile homes to condominiums to townhouses, each with its own pros and cons.

This type of senior housing is not subsidized and is more expensive than that of the low cost. Depending on the housing unit you get, there will be additional expenses on maintenance services, clubhouses, and the other services the communities offer

Senior Apartment/Congregate Care Housing

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These are mostly apartment complexes built for seniors, just like other independent living communities. It has services like recreational programs, transportation facilities, and lots more. It is also age-restricted; it’s for 55 to 62 years old seniors. Charges for these facilities are added to your rents, and meals are served in a communal dining room.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

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This type of independent living community offers medical services and all other services independent living communities offer.

If a healthy senior anticipates some health crisis down the line, this is the best type of independent living type, as they offer medical care like nursing homes.

The main advantage of the CCRCs is that once you move in, everything you will need, from fun activities to health facilities are secured. You are free to live your independent life without any health fears.

How to Choose the Right Independent Living or Retirement Home

The thing you should look for in an independent living depends on your taste, what you want, and look forward to having. Different independent living offers different types of unique services. For example, if you love to cook your food yourself, you could rule out an independent living with communal meal services.

There Are Some Key Factors to Think About When Choosing an Independent Living Facility.

The Location and Size of the Community

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Depending on your ideas, you might prefer a large community to a smaller one. Different independent living facilities have different community sizes.

Anyone you choose depends on what you want, as they both have their pros and cons. One pro for a larger community is there will be more opportunities for socialization.

While the location also plays a role. Some independent living facilities are located in places with warmer climates, which is something most seniors want. Some are located in places with normal temperatures depending on your need; both are fine.

Accessibility of the Independent Living Facility

Independent Living Facility

This is another interesting factor. It’s essential, no matter what your taste is. I’m sure you don’t want an independent facility that is hard for people to access. Accessible not just from outside but also from the inside.

If it’s not easily accessible, then what’s the point. It could be uncomfortable for you and your loved ones when they come to visit.

From the inside, the amenities like the recreational centers and other facilities must be easily accessible as they should all be within walking distance.

The kind of activities and amenities the independent living facility offer:

Different independent living facilities differ in their choice of activities and amenities. For someone who loves working out, the independent facility he picks should have fitness centers. Many independent living centers even partner with universities close to offering academic class sessions to members of the community who love academia.

The kind of independent home you pick should have all your preferred activity. What’s the point of independent living if your preferred fun activities are not offered?


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