What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?

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Wondering what is the best diet for arthritis? Many find that making changes to their diet can help with arthritis symptoms, including pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Arthritis in the neck

Below I have an article on what is the best diet for arthritis with foods we normally eat can really help with the pain, swelling, and stiffness that accomplish arthritis.

As we get older little bumps and bruises or maybe more severe injuries though treated have a tendency in time bite us in the form of arthritis.

I hope you enjoy it and get value from my efforts.

This condition can cause pain in the joints. However, people often notice it in their knees, hands, hips, or spine. Indeed, there are almost 100 different kinds of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is one kind; the disorder commonly affects joints in your knees, hips, spine, and hands.

Another kind is rheumatoid arthritis that’s caused when the body’s defense system known as the immune system isn’t working properly.

Pain in the knee

The primary concern among people suffering from arthritis is that the condition just not requires medical therapy, but may even require surgery as well.

Fortunately, there are foods if you consume regularly can alleviate inflammation and may even reduce some of the joint pain related to arthritis.

Indeed, one study found that 24 percent of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis said that their diet had a significant impact on the rigorousness of their symptoms.

So, have a look at 10 of the foods to consume if you have arthritis:

1. Broccoli



Broccoli is the green vegetable and it looks just like cauliflower, has a place with the cruciferous family. In one medical research, it was discovered that broccoli as well as these other vegetables include a compound known as sulforaphane, which has been found to ease inflammation and slow down harm of cartilage in osteoarthritis.

Nonetheless, this research was acted in mice and not in people. This being stated, there is positively no problem in consuming these vegetables routinely as a part of your everyday diet.

2. Garlic

Garlic can help as well!

Garlic is a well-known spice that often used in Indian cooking. While it gives a noticeable flavor to the food we eat, it likewise has various health advantages and one of which is to help reduce arthritis-related pain.

It is because garlic has a compound known as diallyl disulfide, which is beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis.

How much garlic, we should be consumed to forestall joint pain is hazy. Nevertheless, ensure to incorporate it as a part of your daily diet either in fresh salads or in your curries.

3. Oily Fish

Fish oil to the rescue!

There are various clinical studies, and there is enough proof for supporting the fact that Oily fish can protect the heart, as well as the omega-3 unsaturated fats that are available in this, can likewise help battle irritation.

A few experts currently endorse omega-3 fish oil enhancements to patients who are experiencing arthritis. It can battle inflammation within the joints and ease the pain a person is experiencing.

4. Turmeric

What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?
This is Turmeric Powder

Turmeric, which is typically a part of most Indian food, has various health benefits. The curcumin, a compound included in turmeric is probably the most well-examined component among all Indian spices.

It is truly a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that has significant beneficial effects to prevent heart illness, keep the blood vessels healthy, and maintain the health of the joints.

Turmeric is consistently available in homes since it’s necessary to use if you are making Indian food; there is no discussion about what is the best diet for arthritis. Because naturally, blending a little teaspoon of turmeric in with a glass of warm water or milk each morning should help boost your immunity and aid your joints become lots healthier and stronger.

5. Citrus Fruits

What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?
Fruits of summer!!

Citrus fruits, including orange, grapefruit, pineapple, gooseberries, and alike foods, are very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant vitamin.

Many clinical studies have discovered that people who take vitamin C supplements every day are at lower risk of getting osteoarthritis of the knee as compared to those people who don’t take supplements.

It isn’t only necessary for us to consume supplements to maintain the vitamin C level that we require. Instead, choose natural citrus fruits it as a part of your daily diet. Ensure you speak to your physician about the amount you can devour on a daily basis. It is because the high consumption of natural citrus fruits may increase the danger of developing kidney stones.

6. Ginger

What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?
Ginger Roots!

Ginger has various health benefits, for instance, it has mild effects for soothing arthritis pain. In one specific study that looked at ginger extract, individuals who were in this study discovered that they had an enhanced level of movement and reduced pain in the knee joint due to arthritis.

While it isn’t clear how ginger helps, it is believed that its anti-inflammatory properties help ease arthritis associated pains. You can consume ginger in the form of slices, powdered ginger, or ginger tea.

7. Nuts

What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?
Variety of Nuts!!

Nuts have abundant, nutritious elements that incorporate those that can help ease arthritis pain. As of now, the nut that can help manage joint pain is walnuts.

They are rich in antioxidant molecules particles as well as contain omega-3 unsaturated fats, which we have recently talked about as being a great way to bring down inflammation and arthritis pains.

8. Berries

What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?
Delicious Berries!!

Not only are berries rich in minerals and nutrients, they even include powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants agents that can ease pain in arthritis. It is found that berries include two compounds known as quercetin and rutin, these two plant compounds that facilitate a huge number of health benefits.

9. Spinach

What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?
Popeye’s Favorite Veggie!!

If you are searching for the best diet for arthritis, ensure you incorporate spinach in it. This green vegetable is brimming with nutrients and minerals that can increase immunity and ease inflammation

. It is because it contains many powerful antioxidants and specific other plant compounds that help bring down arthritis-related pain.

One such antioxidant present in spinach – kaempferol. It has been found in researches to ease inflammation in cartilage cells affected due to arthritis.

10. Olive Oil


What is the Best Diet for Arthritis?
Golden Olive Oil!

Cold-pressed olive oil is most likely the best one that you can use for cooking. While it shouldn’t be overheated because of the loss of its nutritious properties, if it’s drizzled on a salad, you can enjoy the powerful positive effects, which olive oil has on your well-being.

In one particular research, regular utilization of a limited quantity of olive oil reduced inflammation in the joints in people with rheumatoid arthritis.


So, what is the best diet for arthritis? You probably know now the answer. Isn’t, it right? It’s very clear -diet plays a significant role in the severity of arthritis. The good news is that foods mentioned-above if consumed can ease inflammation and condition – while even enhancing overall well-being.

Now the next step for you guys is to not just read the article going “aha, aha.” That’s all that is fine and dandy but the next step is to read and then use or apply to this material.  I have given you all the surface level material, use the almost limitless resources on the internet to find out more, and then apply that.

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  1. lovely page my mother is 84 hers old and has just found out she has it and her knees are especially stiff though not painful i am pleased to see the advice on food remedies as she loves broccoli so i will try and give her more nuts .We are vegan vegetarian so i will not do fish but lentils and other protein thank you once again and its easy to read.

    • Hello Anthea,
      I am so pleased that one of my posts was helpful to your mother. I would like for you and her to come back to this site on regular basis as I will be adding new content every week BTW if you have any suggestions for a future post please let me know. All the best to you and your mother.

      Dr Charles


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