What is the Best Smartphone for Seniors? Take a Look!!

What is the best smartphone for a senior?


It is unfortunate but true that technology tends to leave us, seniors, behind. Older folks find it hard to adopt new technologies, and with the cell phone industry at the forefront of emerging tech, few seniors find them easily too difficult to use.

BLU Advance A4

Key Features:  

Easy setup

A clear case for protecting the phone when dropped

8GB internal storage with the expandable slot that fits up to 64GB memory cards

Lightweight and feels nice in your hand according to reviews

2 Megapixels front camera & 5 Megapixels back camera

4” display

Do Grandma and Grandpa look flabbergasted by the latest iPhone? Do they think an Android is the metal trashcan from Lost in Space? It is time to take them under the arm and guide them into the modern age. The phones listed below will be sufficient to convince them that smartphone technology is not all that scary.

This smartphone isn’t packed full of features; it’s offered at a cheap price- one of the most affordable on our list. With plenty of processing power and 8GB of internal storage, playing your favorite games and downloading your friends’ pics will be no issues.

Sending your own selfies is a breeze with this phone’s 2MP front-facing selfie cam that has flash for bright and beautiful pictures.


Oukitel C12What is the Best Smartphone for Senior?

For the technophile on a budget, this phone is high rated and easy to use, making it the best smartphone for seniors. The large 6.18-inch screen has a polished, state of the art 2.5D finish, making movies and pics pop.

With 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, or memory, this phone has plenty of power and speed to keep you entertained on the go, without the luxury phone cost tag.

Reviewers love this phone beefed up security features such as the handy fingerprint scanner, located on the back of the phone.

Key Features:

Android 8.1 operating system

6.18-inch screen

8MP rear-facing and 2MP front-facing camera

Facial ID and fingerprint unlock for maximum security


Expandable memory up to 64GB

Jitterbug Smart2 (No-Contract Easy-to-Use 5.5-inch Smartphone)

What is the Best Smartphone for Senior?


This simple to use smartphone offers users access to the Great Link app, to help keep your loved ones up to date on your health status and an SOS feature with a simple to use the panic button on the home screen.

With all the modern features of a top of the line smartphone, this is the best choice for those who want to use new technology such as the 4G LTE network without worrying about learning a complicated system, or signing into an annual contract- this simple to use phone runs using an easy pay as you go system.

Key Features:

16GB memory with 32GB expansion available


Hearing help compatible

13 MP camera

Bluetooth 4.2

12-hour battery life while being used can go for 17 days on standby

Large font Menu for easy use

Ulefone Power 6What is the Best Smartphone for Senior?

For those looking for a premium smartphone at a moderately affordable cost, check out the Ulefone Power 6. Designed with media lovers in mind, the Power six features a high-resolution curved glass screen best for streaming movies in high-def quality.

This phone’s extensive memory bank of 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and up to 256GB of expandable storage means all the applications, pictures, and videos you can take will fit without any space problems.

Key Features:

Bluetooth capable

16MP+2MP dual rear camera and 16MP selfie camera means every pic will be best

4GB processor, 64GB internal memory, and up to 256GB of expandable SD space

Waterproof up to one meter

6.3-inch FHD+ waterdrop 2.5D curved glass screen with 1080 x 2340 resolution

Android 9.0 Pie operating system

Three cool colors to select from

Solid construction with simple grip cover to help prevent the phone from being dropped

Black view BV5500 GSM IP68

What is the Best Smartphone for Senior?

For those worried that the high-cost point of a new smartphone isn’t realistic, given how simple they’re to break- meet the Black view.

This military-grade phone is waterproof, drop-proof up to 6 feet, dustproof, and features a thick Gorilla Glass screen, designed to withstand effects for an ultra-clumsy-proof device.

The facial recognition feature responds in 0.1 sec, making the phone secure and easy to use for its owner, and has access to 3G and global GSM networks, providing all the deluxe smartphone features for a modern user, at an affordable cost.

Key Features:

Works with AT and T and T-Mobile networks

5.5-inch screen with extra-durable Gorilla Glass

2.4 MP front-facing camera and 8mp+0.3mp dual rear camera

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, and GSM capable

FM radio and compass features

A long-lasting battery can go for over 30 hours without a charge

Android 8.1 operating system sorts newest apps & technology

The rugged exterior is simple to grip

EmporiaSmart.3What is the Best Smartphone for Senior?


The modern edition of the famous accessibility-focused Emporia Smart is not just a phone designed for senior smartphone users, it is really an up-to-date and powerful smartphone in itself.

It has the essential accessibility features such as big display buttons, hearing help compatibility, and an emergency Call for the Help button, but it runs Android 9.0 and packs an HD resolution.

The 5.5 inches screen is the best size for ensuring visibility of everything onscreen. It comes with a full training book, helping new users actually learn the ropes of using a smartphone.

Critical technologies such as Bluetooth and LTE/4G data connectivity make sure that users can connect online and between devices.

Key features:

5.5 inches display having 720 x 1440 resolution



13 MP rear camera, MP front-facing camera

2,500 mAh battery


Android 9.0

Hearing aid-compatible – M4/T4 rating

Google Pixel XL

What is the Best Smartphone for Senior?


The first phone in Google’s flagship range might have received its last major Android software update, but as a way of getting older people acclimatized to the ways of true stock Android, the Google Pixel XL remains a perfect choice.

First of all, it isn’t too expensive and may be purchased for under $300, which is the best price considering the power onboard. It has a 5.5″ display squeezing in 1440 x 2560 pixels, which is a good and clear for faded eyes, and its 12.3 MP camera is to dazzle your old folks.

UI(User Interface, those symbols you see on the screen you use to cause the cellphone to function) elements such as icons and font size can be increased for convenience.

The previous Android software update the Pixel XL received was Android 9.0 Pie, though not the latest, but is just one version behind. That means that seniors will yet get most of the whistles and bells of Android that anybody else would. Why does this matter?

Because the stock Android UI is among the most user-friendly about and will help familiarize older people not just with using this particular phone, but with the Android OS as a whole.

Key Features:

5.5” display with QHD resolution

32GB or 128GB internal storage, no card slot

3,450 mAh battery

Android 9.0



I was one of those late adopters I got my first cellphone around 2006-2007! I thought I did not need but I was wrong. Plus it could only call out and receive calls with a very rudimentary keyboard for texting. But the phone is so functional now it’s incredible. I hate to admit but I would be lost without my LG Stylo 5.

When I was an instructor at Life Chiropractic University back in 1996 I did not even know how to turn on a desktop computer, so I have come a long way’ I am publishing a blog for God’s sake! So if I can do this you can learn to operate a cellphone.

So I have come a long way in the last 14 years. I think I only added the price on one phone. So what I want you to do is to review the models I showcased and go online to see if there are others you may like better.

So thank you for reading this article and I hope you pulled out some workable information that you can use to make your life easier and more productive.

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